Monday 7 November 2022

Sunday Ponderings on a Monday

 Hello Blogville its your latest ponderings from your one and only Gossip Bunny!

Well Friday was a nice day and I got to go out with Mum to the local Christmas Food and Craft Fair at Buckland Abbey after Mum got home from work. Unfortunately She forgot to take some photos so I can't show you, Such a shame as its horrible ever since weather wise. But I did get to see everything from the craft stalls to the food stalls, I met a few people how had Bunnies for pets and they were amazed at seeing me in my Stroller taking in the sights. and then I even got to have a run around  on part of the walking trails with a nice view of the Tamer Bridge over the river in the distance.

After being stuck indoors again Saturday due to the weather by Sunday I was Moody, Mum had to work in the morning so that left me home with Dad and well he just wasn't good enough. Have you ever felt like that? Do you ever get days like that? Where you just need that one person who is able to be there. I sometimes wonder that even though I love my dad and love having him all to myself there are just days when I just want my mum. When I am in a mood she just knows what I need and yesterday she knew just what I needed. After she got changed she grabbed my cube tent and my 3 way tunnel and put them out for me and she played with me and gave me was perfect.

I just wonder how does she do that? I think she must have some Super Power to know exactly what I need without me telling her. Do you have a parent that has a similar Super Power? Enquiring Minds would like to know... do you have a dad like this or is it just a mum power?

                     Enjoy my Video that my mum took yesterday and keep well until next time!

                                                            xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. What a fun adventure you had, Miss Titch. We love seeing your video and you playing in your tunnel. Our dad is the one that always knows what we need or want when it comes to play time. Our mom is good at knowing when it's time for a snack or meal.

  2. Pawppy is the one who doles out the foodables.but petcretary gives out the snacks!

    Petcretary is our team-mate, most of the time, though pawppy is good at snuggles.

    Glad you found your happy zone again, Miss Titch!

    See ya!

  3. Well, it cetrainly is a Mum Power, but some dads have it, too, Miss Titch. :)


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