Wednesday 30 November 2022

The Case of the Prickly Guest Part 3

 Hello Blogville its the latest from your one and only Gossip Bunny on The Case of the Prickly Guest!

Well its been a few days since Roddy had to go to the vets, remember we thought Roddy would be there for 48 hours... Well Roddy ended up staying over the weekend too. But The good news Mummy Picked up Roddy on Monday and was able to bring Roddy back home. He/she had gained a lot of weight was about 465ish grams and yesterday Roddy was Roddy was 526g. Roddy still has to go back for follow up roundworm treatments and has to do a repeat course of Lungworm treatment over the next couple of weeks. And he/she does come out of bed to eat a bit of food, have a drink and go to the toilet in the day, but he/she is definitely on the road to getting better. All good news so far!

But one has to ponder on who is the best person to work out who is a boy and who is a girl. Remember when Dad said I was a boy...He was adamant that I was a boy. Even though I kept showing him that I was a girl and it took mum to work it out that I was in fact a girl. Mummy guessed all a long that I was a girl....She such a clever Mum. Well in The case of  the Prickly Guest Dad also decided the Roddy was a boy....hence the name Roddy well mum managed to take a look and well She is pretty sure that Roddy is a girl. But she will still keep the name Roddy, Mummy says its short for Rodette.

Here is Roddy giving us a little peak to say hello. So The Case of the Prickly Case is now closed. But Don't worry I will still be giving you regular up dates on Roddy's treatments and health.

Now for the next bit of News Mum has finished putting all the Christmas Decorations up and I have a real tree as well as the fake ones But more on the Tomorrow...

                                       xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. Hooray for Roddy doing so much better!

    We bet your den is looking quite festive now! We are just getting started here...

  2. We're so glad to hear Roddy is doing better and we will keep our paws crossed that she continues to improve. She sure is a little cutie!

  3. We sure hope little Roddy is healthy from her on out!

  4. Wonderful news that Roddy is home from the vet and doing well. Hopefully she continues to get bigger & stronger.


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