Monday 14 November 2022

Funny ole thing the Weather

 Hello Blogville, Its time for your latest ponderings from your one and only Gossip Bunny!

Its a funny thing the Weather. We spend an awful lot of time pondering on that changeable thing called the weather. One minute its sunny and warm in the middle of summer the next minute we're in autumn heading to winter and its raining cats and dogs and then we get the freak weather events from very warm sunny days when it should be cold, to cold days when it should be warm and then the big storms that roll in with those high winds rain, thunder, lightening and hail, to even getting snow storms. The weather is always being talked about.

Just this weekend we had some very mild days and we even had some sun but before that it was getting cold and wet. Mummy and me manage to get out on a cold day as the rain had stopped for a bit. The forecast said it was about 14 Celsius but actually it was closer to 10. For the yesterday the forecast said 15 yet actually it was 17 Celsius. Even the Weather forecasters can't seem to get it right....I sometimes wonder if it would just be better to stick our heads outside each morning to see what the weather is doing rather than checking the forecast because quite often it will say one thing when in reality the weather is doing the opposite...

So Blow a big fat raspberry to the weather forecasters and just see for yourselves is a plan to follow or should we just check it just to be sure? Who Knows what is the best thing to do, I just know The weather give's us all something to talk and ponder about. What do you think do?

                            Until next time xoxo Little Miss Titch 

                                                  Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head


  1. we so so sooo agree with you! yesterday we had shorts... and roday we need a sweater.... someone in that weather kitchen is drunk....

  2. Yes, too many funny things going on with the weather. Better to be snuggly indoors once the clocks go back, then risk a look out the door come june, MOL
    Looking rather dapper in your fleece, Miss Titch. Definitely worth havingif you are out and about.

  3. We completely agree with you, Miss Titch. The weather peeps hardly ever get it right and often will put up a "Yellow" or "Red" Alert (meaning severe weather ahead) and nothing much comes of it. We think the "look outside" method works well for us too. BOL!

  4. we're right with you! We were just in the 70s last week (farenheit), and then now it's cold and we are supposed to have sleet/snow tonight. It's crazy! My mother used to call it "pneumonia weather"

  5. Our weather guessers and pretty useless here sweet Titch, looking out the window gives better results!

  6. Weather changes so much even within the same hour it seems. Its gotta be hard to be a weather-guesser and then guess wrong...they sure bear the brunt of a lot of jokes.
    At least for the big storms we might be given a heads up.
    We can predict weather (or not), but for sure we can't control it! LOL!

  7. The weather is all over the place here, too, Titch! Up and down, sun and frost warnings, flooding rains ... yikes!

  8. We have had a strange year of weather here. Super hot, then a cold snap, then a record-setting heat wave, now a bit of "normal" weather. We've picked strawberries & tomatoes in November! Crazy times. But at least you get to go outside and enjoy some fresh air and adventures.

  9. You're very right, Miss Titch! I never pay attention to the weather forecast! Up here in Edinburgh we've had very strange weather, including the past weekend which felt like a nice day in early September rather than mid November.


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