Wednesday 2 November 2022

Is it a bit early for this? I don't Think so!

 Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny bringing you all the latest from our neck of the woods!

Now some would say its to early for this but with Thanks Giving around the corner for our friends across the pond in the US....Yes Canada has already had theirs. And given it is only 52 days till Christmas Eve when that Jolly man in the Red Suit takes that Journey across the skies to all places big and small I have to wonder when is it to early to start getting ready for that big day. 

Is now to early? I've come to the conclusion that for me and for my mum its not too early. 52 days is not a lot of time for us to go on Christmas Missions to find all things Christmassy to bring to you. To get the house ready for the big Day... finishing a little DIY around the place before tidying all that stuff away. The missions in to the loft to bring all the Christmas stuff down. Then there's the shopping that our Hu-mum's have to do. That's quite a lot to do and never mind all that wrapping too! 

So Mum was searching for an old add that used to be broadcast on TV That sums up this time of year. She really wanted me to see it and I thought it was Splendid...So here it is

So while it may be a little early for some of you for my Mum and me its definitely not...The Holidays are Coming whether you like it or Not!

                                  So Until Next time my fellow Bloggers of Blogville!
                                                            xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. As soon as Halloween is over the stores have all broken out the Christmas decorations and food to buy. Our mom is working on a couple of Christmas crochet decorations so we are already getting in the spirit, too.

  2. I've been seeing Christmas holiday merchandise in stores for the past two weeks. We always enjoy seeing your Christmas extravaganza, so the extra days will give you plenty of time to find fun things and share photos.

  3. It's not too early for us, we love Christmas and we're watching a Christmas movie right now!

  4. Well, according to what's in the stores, it is not too early, Titch. It's been Christmas for about a couple of weeks already. LOL

  5. TW isn't one for fake Christmas trees but this year they bought one and TW can't wait for get it up. Cute advert. It won't be long until Christmas throws up on our condo. She already has my advent calendar. Oh, and the Rockefeller tree has been picked out and will arrive in NYC next week.

  6. Hello darling Miss Titch! I have been late getting here but here I am...ready to pop through the tunnel with treats when you can schedule my visit. XXX

  7. Nah, not too early...but since *she* has to work that day, it will be rather more subdued around our home. Then we'll get to having fun at New Years!

    That was a fun rerun of the Coca Cola ad!


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