Sunday, 17 March 2019

Sunday Selfies Time for St Patrick's Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day to you all,I hope the day brings you all the Luck of the Irish!
Well it's been a funny old week ,what with the stormy weather and mum dipping in to the garden in th 5 dry minutes we've had and battling against the winds we did manage to do this.....
My new Treasure Chest....its a 1600's or 1700's strong box...the base broke off many moons ago as did the door.Mummy brought home from a friends farm.They let her have so mummy could make a nice feature out of it!The best make it look lovely!
Then mummy ordered a new Hedgehog house to use as a feeding station in the front Garden.We have 2 Hedgehogs coming most nights a big one which we think is Reggie and a smaller one....I guess the local Hedgehog are getting to hear about a new Dinner in town!As for Mr Mickey he is still at the rescue,as they are waiting for the weather to improve before releasing the hedgehogs in their care back to where they come from.So he could be back next week or the week after.Hopefully the other Hedgehog box that mummy ordered will be here before Mr Mickey comes home otherwise she will have to repair the old one.
Mummy is still doing a bit more planting and has some seeds to sow for the bees and butterflies so there will be many more garden reports to come as it all starts to grow and flower!

Monday, 11 March 2019

Bunny Mortality by Speedy's Mum

I have been dreading writing this post because it brings into question Speedy's own mortality something that I am dreading one day facing.But after Miss Lola Bun's crossing of the Bridge I do have to face one fact Speedy is getting older and he is showing signs of his age.

For weeks Speedy has been having an issue in his sleep den....during the night he has not been using his litter tray and we did wonder if he had a UTI but down stairs where he free ranges he has no problem so it couldn't be that....

It looks like Speedy has a touch of arthritis and it looks like it is in his front legs or paws so when he gets up he finds it difficult to hop in the litter tray ,so we did away with the tray and lined the bottom of his den with puppy training pads where the litter tray used to be and bob's your uncle Speedy went back to going toilet in his usual area where the pads are.

The vets have been warning us about Speedy's weight and arthritis for years and that we needed to get him slimmer....easier said than done!I measure out his food he is on the bare minimum and we can only cut back to that point so all we can do is getting him moving about which we are doing as best as we can....that's why we get him out on adventures when we can but that is weather permitting so it is a constant battle to control his weight.Speedy weighs between 3.3kg and 3.5kg Ideally he should be below 3kg to 2.5kg.

So what can we do?Well all we can do is try to get his weight down and there is a joint supplement for rabbit which has natural anti inflammatories to help with pain that we can try or we can try CBD hemp oil  if the supplements don't help or we have to go to the vet for painkiller.For now we are going to try the joint supplement and try to make things a bit more comfortable in the home.

But all this does bring home that Speedy won't be around forever the thing that I hate the most and dread facing

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Sad day....RIP HRH Miss Lola Bun

Yesterday My friend and royal partner in crime left her family for the Rainbow Bridge to Join the Angels in the Sky where her predecessor Angel Mr Mick was there to meet her for her next adventure her 
Her Royal Highness Miss Lola Bun Ruled her Castle with an iron paw where all bowed before her glory and beauty.
She was more than happy to share her Disapproval when her orders where not to her satisfaction
Now the White Queen leaves with a hole in her families and friends hearts as the gate closes behind her and only leaves Her a Shining Star in the heavens above us as our constant reminder....
                                      Shine Bright Miss Lola Bun

Speedy will not be sharing his selfie today but wishes you all to visit the other blogs in the Sunday Selfies Bloghop

Sunday, 24 February 2019

A Woodsy Sunday Selfie!

If you go down to the Woods today you're sure to see a surprise.....a Bunny Rabbit Picnic anyone?

That was Monday this week.....

That was Tuesday this week and look a badger set....looked like it was still in use as it was well trodden not that you can see in this photo....

And this was Thursday.....So do you wanna join me down the Bunny trail for a Bunny Rabbit Picnic?

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Sunday Selfies...Garden report!

Hi everyone!Hope you're all having a splendid Sunday whatever you're doing today.Mummy gave me my Castle back because I chewed some bits on my Teepip so she needed to do a repair job so I have already bunstructed  the castle again...hehehe...

Now that I have my Selfies out of the way it's on to the Garden report!Yesterday Morning when Mummy woke up which was around 4am she brought me in for a cuddle but because the window was open she could here this funny noise....Hedgehogs!We know the Reggie has been visiting but we wonder if another was there because the ruckus outside is normally when you have more than one in the garden and they have a bit of a heated discussion about who has first dibs on food.Then this morning Mummy went to get the bowl for cleaning and there was fresh poop....always a good sign!Were still waiting for Mickey to come back from the rescue but he's doing well.
Now Mummy has also been hard at work in the back garden doing some tidying and planting some of her pots.She started by cutting back and then planting a carnation from another pot and some primroses to this bed..

 then she planted a new camelia here...
she still has a bit more to do and then it on to the front garden but here are her pots...

 the pots above had 2 different Honeysuckles so she added some primroses and crocus that she moved from the front garden...
 This one she put some daffodils and snowdrops in the back that she moved from the front garden and then some new primroses that dad brought mummy
 This one has an early flowering carnation that mummy got with some birthday money..
 then mummy added some bluebells and a perennial from last year from another pot with some new tulips that daddy brought to go around the apple tree...
 This one mummy put in a new mini pink rose with some of the crocus from the garden..
 This one Mummy added 2 new primroses to this pot with a hibiscus and snowdrops...
 This one has a new mini light pink rose and 2 primroses...which I nibbled on...hehehe...
And this one has snowdrops and primroses that daddy brought...
Then she filled up this antique granite pig trough that belonged to grandma with some primroses,snowdrops,yellow crocus and a pink early flowering carnation.Wow mummy has been busy!And that concludes the Garden report!