Monday 23 December 2019

23rd December....Day 23 of my Christmas and Holiday Countdown!

OMB Tomorrow Santa will begin his journey across the globe to delivery to one and all which means you only have today and tomorrow until 5am Christmas Morning to get you photo's in if you want to join in my Countdown....
The rules are as follow:
1:You have from Now until 5am UK time on Christmas morning to get your photo's into me.
2: You can email them to rachel dot dejong at googlemail dot com
3:You can post them on my Facebook Event Here
4:All photos will be posted here on my blog and on my Facebook Event
5:All photos have to be Either Christmas themed or some other Holiday theme Celebrated at this time of year!

And remember my Favourite 3 entries will get a little Christmas gift from your very own Santa Speedy!

So we have a guest photo from Dougie dog and Zoey Cat from Zoolatry and yes the sneaked me in too!
How Cool is that? Yesterday I sent Mum to be my roving reporter at Buckland Abbey and as part of their Christmas display the did the great barn as a Christmas tree forest...

Tomorrow I share the rest of the Photos!


  1. I popped over from Dougie and Zoey to meet Speedy. I must say you are the cutest rabbit EVER.. beautiful tree forest

  2. I love that ornament with you and the Zoolatry kids! Buckland Abbey is so beautiful, thanks for sharing that with us. Happy Holidays all!

  3. I love your ornament. We love Miss Zoey and Dougie Dog. Beautiful Christmas display.

    Have a bunnietastic Christmas. My best to your peeps. ♥

  4. All of the Christmas trees are just beautiful and we love the ornie of you and Dougie and Zoey, Speedy!

  5. Huggies 'n' nose taps for us to you!

  6. So pretty. Enjoy your day.
    Sue B

  7. We can actually start counting the hours, Speedy!

  8. That ornament is very special Speedy!

  9. The gang at Zoolatry is so creative. It was sweet of them to include you in the ornament. I bet it was fun to walk through the Abbey surrounded by all those beautiful and fragrant trees.

  10. What amazing decorations. You are doing a good job as a recorder of all this, Speedy.

  11. That is such a great ornament Speedy. And it is good to see you. You all have a super day.


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