Friday 6 December 2019

6th December...Day 6 of my Countdown!

Well we are another day closer to Christmas day and today is also a special day in its own right!Today is St Nicholas day or other wise known as the feast of Saint Nicholas.It is Celebrated in certain European countries including the Netherlands which is where my Mum was born and still has family there so she still feels a special connection to this Holiday.Did you know that St Nicholas became known as Sinter Klaas By the Dutch who the brought their traditions to the New world by the early Dutch settlers and eventually the name became Santa Klaus!St Nicholas was from Greece during the time when Greece was part of the Roman Empire and became a saint because he gave all his wealth to the poor and need and helped them where ever he could.So with that in mind we thought it was a good day to share this with you again...

This is the Tin Tealight that mum brought last year when we were on holiday in Dorset ,she went to a local Church fair and saw this and well she just had to have it!
And Sinter Klaas must have been watching over me today because I had a Christmas present arrive from my Aunty Di today....but don't worry I will wait till Christmas day to open it!

Now time for a reminder of the rules for those of you who want to Join in my Countdown....
The rules are as follow:
1:You have from Now until 5am UK time on Christmas morning to get your photo's into me.
2: You can email them to rachel dot dejong at googlemail dot com
3:You can post them on my Facebook Event Here
4:All photos will be posted here on my blog and on my Facebook Event
5:All photos have to be Either Christmas themed or some other Holiday theme Celebrated at this time of year!

And remember my Favourite 3 entries will get a little Christmas gift from your very own Santa Speedy!

Now Tomorrow we have some guests so make sure you come back to see!


  1. We enjoyed those Speedy, especially you and your present. Hey, Sister Zoe had us send you a photo, hope you get it.

  2. SINTA KLAUS is coming to Speedy's ch√Ęteau soon!

  3. Why wait? until later-get to those presents NOW

  4. That's so pretty. I bet that is a great present.
    Sue B


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