Saturday 29 September 2012

The final chapter in my trip down memory lane!

This is my final chapter in my trip down down memory lane.I've had fun busy times so far,and I'm looking forward to many more.But the next job is planing my birthday party for next Saturday.Want to come?
Me doing a frog!

Me picking the winners for my prize draw give away!

My first angry evil bunny mood!
Daddy's Birthday Party

Dad teasing me!

Me playing in Grandma's!

Thursday 27 September 2012

Here's the next chapter in my trip down memory lane!

Here's my next chapter down memory lane,Its been hard to choose the different events some have been good some have been bad.I'll let you decide!
The first time I played with paper balls!

My activity centre that mum made!

The Queens Diamond Jubilee!

Me throwing Birthday parties for my friends!

Me throwing Birthday parties for my friends!

My first prize draw give away!

Hoppy Daddy Bunday!

Happy 4th of July!

My war wounds!

Tuesday 25 September 2012

A trip down Memory land part 2!

Here's the next in Chapter of our trip down memory lane!I had a lot of fun time's!
First time nomming grass in the garden!

My knighthood and claim over the Kingdom of Speedom!

My first Charge at Mum!

The first time I wore my new scarf!

My first Easter!

My first play time with my scarf!

Monday 24 September 2012

A journey down Memory Lane!

As it is my birthday next week Mum thought it would be nice to take a photo trip down Memory lane!Here's the first chapter...hehehe!
My First day in my New Home!

My first Day with Mum and Dad!

My first silly sleeping pose!
My first play Day in the Kitchen!

My first Cheeky pose!
My First jungle Safari!

My First Modelling Assignment!

My First Modelling Assignment

My First Modelling Assignment!


Saturday 22 September 2012

Speedy's great sleuthing adventure!

This is me sleuthing at home!
Mum and Dad has gone away on vacation leaving me at Grandma's(Mum's Mum)! what can I get up to?Grandma is always watching me so I don't do my little Houdini act.It is fun playing with Grandma and trying to booby trap her when she's doing things,but I miss my pals and it's difficult to use my laptop here with out being know what humans can be like with things like this and its better that they don't know how clever we bunns really are!
         Anyway one night this week I received an SOS from an anonymous source,something had happened to A Houseful of Rabbits!They had disappeared from blogosphere!The plea went out for Speedy the Super detective to investigate this disappearance.So I did some ground work on my laptop and found that someone or something had removed HOR this would never do!I tried several things to see if I could find out why HOR had been removed but nothing worked but I had come to the conclusion that it was a blip by Google or RG was doing some work on upgrading the blog but then I thought if that was the case I'm sure RG would have left a message of some sort.But its was getting late so I figured I would sleep on the problem.
         Early in the morning an Alarm came on making alsorts of noise waking me up with a start,I'd left my laptop on and an urgent message had come through from the same source my secret pen pal saying"SPEEDY SPEEDY WAKE UP!There's news at QI Papers!"so I said "Ok I'm a wake ,I'm heading over there now" so checking in with QI Papers a message had come in from BL and RG that Google had gone bonkers and removed them but every one was Ok!Thank goodness I was about to get in my magic closet that I had found at Grandma's the last time I was there and go and check in on Racer.
       I checked to see if HOR was back later that day but they were still missing.Hrmph! this is no good,Google is taking to long about this.Its time for some Bunny motivation,I'm off to pay them a visit and see if we can get this sorted out I thought.Taking a look to see where Grandma was hah she's gone up stairs this is my chance taking a big leap over the gate I snuck into the magic closet and thought I need the Tech geeks at google a few minutes later I found my self in a different closet and pushed open the door and took a sneak peak out of the door! I made it with that I hopped out and leaped on to the desk and started to thump very loudly with my foot.
Everyone in the office turned in startled amazement as if they had never seen a rabbit before."Which one of you Stoopid Hoomins removed A Houseful of Rabbits from Blogger? "I asked showing much anoyance and of course they all pointed at each other,So I THUMPED even more and said "Which one of you is going to fix it and put it back?"and they all looked at each other with blank face's and here's me muttering away this is what you get with working with Hoomins Hrmph!
         Any way after giving a big lecture on how it was very important that they got on top of the problem and put HOR back and giving the Tech Geeks some Bunny disaproval and my personal distain at their stoopidness and that they had 24hrs to get it back and working with no loss of posts Or I would be back with some pals they promised that they would fix it.with that I hopped of the desk and back into the closet and thought time to get back before Grandma misses me.I arrived back at Grandmas just in the nick of time as she opened the door there's me sat in the middle of the lounge floor looking all innocent...Hehehehe....little did she know what I had been upto when she scooped me up saying "Speedy you are a naughty bunny,you little escape artist!"
And now I'm home with Mum and Dad as they are back from vacation and all is right with Blogger world!

Friday 21 September 2012

Sunday 16 September 2012

More photos of me playing at grandma's

Here some more photos of my exploration of grandma's garden!

Me Nomming grass
Me exploring around the pots

Thursday 13 September 2012

Weasley a tribute from Speedy!

Carrot rum hangover!

Today I found out that my Angora Pal Weasley From Rabbits Eats Quilts passed over the Rainbow bridge,I shall miss my fun adventures with him like going to the Hockey game and our last adventure on the pirate ship the Lagomorph,Have fun my friend until we meet again!Please send well wishes,hugs.kisses and purs and nose bonks to his Mum as I'm sure she misses him a lot.
Weasley the Adventure Bun!

Party Animal!

To read about his Adventures See Lorna's Fuzzy Creatures

Saturday 8 September 2012

Speedy's play day in Grandma's garden

It's been another nice day and Speedy escaped into Grandma's garden to play

Oooo flowers pretty!
Whats this down here?

More plants to look at!
What's this mum?
Its Grandma's filter for her pond Speedy!

Friday's play day

Yesterday was Friday and Speedy had a play day in the garden while mum relaxed and caught some rays

Speedy Sprucing
Speedy resting
Speedy demolishing the Shed that needs fixing
Speedy off for a nosey