Saturday 8 September 2012

Friday's play day

Yesterday was Friday and Speedy had a play day in the garden while mum relaxed and caught some rays

Speedy Sprucing
Speedy resting
Speedy demolishing the Shed that needs fixing
Speedy off for a nosey


  1. Looks like you have a long way to go in demolishing the shed. Need help? :)


    1. nah its only the bits that need fixing I'm demolishing to gee dad up to fix it...Hehehe

  2. You sure do look like you were happy to get out n' about Speedy!!!

  3. I think its very generous of Speedy to help you spot all the bits of the shed that need fixing.. :)

  4. yes...yes it is and pull bits ,may be when there's an actual hole dad will do something about it...:)

  5. Speedy seems to be enjoying these last days of summer, too! ; )

  6. So cute but so destructive: the bunny paradox


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