Thursday 1 December 2022

1st December....Its Officially Christmas!

 Hello Blogville its your one only Gossip Bunny with all the latest on all that's Christmas!

1st December....Its Officially Christmas! No longer do we have to ponder on when is it to early to buy stuff, and put stuff up for Christmas...It is time to start Celebrating with advent calendars to count down to the most wonderful night of the year when the big guy in the Red suit gets his Reindeer and his sleigh and starts that incredible journey across the nights sky!

 So that being said here are some Photos from one of Mummy's missions that I sent her on....

This is from a shop called The Range. Mummy said she has never been the before but she was glad she did because she brought 5 new glass baubles for the trees and they we half the price of the garden centers she normally buys from and just as nice.

And as it is the 1st of December we have decided to send out daily Jacquie Lawson cards to as many of my pals as we can and in case we haven't got your email we will post the link for each card we send out. Like you very own Advent here is your 1st Jacquie Lawson Card...Just click on the link to view it

1st of December Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card

And for those who want to know Roddy AKA Rodette gained some more weight she's now 540g!!!

 Well that's all for now....

xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. that is beautiful.... and we love this time... let's bring back the good times with having a good christmas...

  2. THanks for the beautiful card!

    And wow, that store sure is Christmasy!! Amazing!
    I saw a drummer in one of the first me all envious, as I collect military drummers...I have over 300 of them in all shapes and sizes!!

    Good news about Roddy.

  3. Yes, it sure is Christmastime sweet Titch, such pretty things everywhere!

  4. Must be Christmas. I got to open MY Advent Calendar and the peeps opened their's. They also started fluffing out their new fake tree. We always get a real tree but our elevator is down and the peeps don't want to be carrying one up 4 flights of stairs.

  5. What a great collection of decorations your mom found at that shop. We just got our second card and can't wait to open it. Now we look forward to each one.


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