Wednesday 7 December 2022

Its December 7th in your unofficial Countdown to Christmas

 Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny with the latest in your unofficial countdown to Christmas!

So have you all got your decorations up now or have your peeps still have to get that done? Here is the last of our decorations, this time its the Kitchen

And now its time for your next Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card , Just click on the link below to enjoy it.....

December 7th Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card

Yesterday was St Nicholas day...was your day special? Mine was nice, the weather has gone cold and dry so I got to have a little run on the moors...It was nice. Snow is due further north of us but we won't get it. Roddy AKA Rodette the Hedgehog had her 2nd injection for Lungworm in her repeat round of treatment today, even she was feeling the cold today she stayed tucked up on her heat pad today. Mummy put her in her warm bed as she dropped off to sleep in her food bowl, it was early this morning and mum went to check on her. She was still eating so mum let her carry on stuffing while getting the breakfast ready for the birds and mum turned around to see if she had finished... she had she dropped off to sleep so mum popped her back in her bed on her heat pad and Roddy stayed there all day snoozing. That's the first time since mum found her that she has done that, mummy said that was good as she should be sleeping all day with out waking until night time. Although Mum added some more insulation around the Roddy's bedroom area and some extra straw just in case she was feeling cold and turned up her heat pad just a tiny bit as it is going to be very cold tonight. Mummy said she was going to check on her through the night to make sure she comes out to eat.

And we had a very Special Visit from Jo the Crow its been a few weeks since his last visit but he's looking well and he's grown....He came twice today and made mummy happy

Until Next time xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. We love how your area even has its own decorations, Miss Titch. How fun that your bird friend came for a visit.

  2. Your kitchen looks fabulous! Hey sweet Titch, I'm glad your crow stopped by to see you with seasons greetings!


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