Tuesday 13 December 2022

12th December Post Delay

 Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny with Your Unofficial Count Down to Christmas, that was until time happened. Today you will get a second post which will be today's post...This one you should have gotten yesterday but as I said Time Happened and when I say Time Happened well we ran out of it yesterday.

You know I said it was really busy here in my last post well here's what happened.....

Mum Cleaned the house from top to bottom, she did laundry, she fed the birds then cleaned up after Roddy. then the drive had to be de-iced so dad could get the car out. Did you know we have been having snow in some areas of the UK? Well we have had a little but mainly freezing rain plus other wintery showers that froze everything solid which meant mum hiked in to work on Sunday morning in the dark... well Sunday night we had freezing fog and it was white every where...

in real life it looked whiter than that and on the ground well that is a thick sheet of Ice the temps went down to -4 degrees Celsius which is about 24 or 25F! all the people where we live were going round to the grit boxes and spreading it on our local streets and pavements so they could get to the main roads without crashing or falling over. Them mum and dad had to get fuel for the car and of course the lemons mum needed. Of course then mum had to decorate the Christmas cakes and cook food for her friends that were coming for a little Christmas party!

It was nice the Christmas party I got cuddles from mummy's friends and scored extra treats everybody had a great time and went home with full bellies. Mummy said its the first time that she and daddy had socialized with a group for a very long time... and the truth is mum planed it for a while but didn't tell dad until the Sunday because she said he would have moaned and groaned about it for days on end and mummy springing it one him the day before meant he just had to go with the flow....I think she was right he enjoyed it and had to go with it...*giggles*

Any way here is yesterdays Christmas card from Jacquie Lawson...just click on the link to view it

December 12 Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card

Until Next time...later today

xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. we hope all guests came home safe after the horrible ice....

  2. Your weather has been more wintery than ours. We might get our first good snow later this week. It will be fun to do snow zoomies in our yard.

  3. Yikes sweet Titch, ice storms are never fun and always scary!

  4. Ice is always so dangerous. One part of winter all of us could do without...though when the sun shines on it, it sure can look pretty!

    Nice to enjoy a good party. Hope all stayed safe.


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