Sunday 11 December 2022

Its getting Busy at the Gossip Bunny Christmas House

 Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny with your Unofficial Countdown to Christmas!

Today has been one strange and busy day. Over night we had wintery showers and freezing rain further north they have had snow. Here it was one big ice rink and mum had to walk to work...getting on for 5 miles...she said it took her a little over an hour to trudge all that way!

Then when she got home it was time for her to rush around cleaning up after me and Roddy, feed and water the birds again, and feed and water Roddy and then the same again for me. then it was getting tea ready for her and dad, clean up afterwards.... And then marzipan the Christmas cakes that she does each year and then clean up afterwards!

Tomorrow she has chores around the house, she needs to go to the village shop to try and get a lemon she forgot today so she can decorate the cakes and then she has lots of cooking as she has friends coming for a little Christmas get together as well as take care of me and Roddy and the birds.....Phew I don't know wear she finds the time for it all....

Any way time for some more Christmas stuff. I sent her on a mission to get some more Christmassy stuff to show to you all....

This is Saltram House and they dressed the house with the Theme Christmas Time Ball this is Part one of the House....Tomorrow you will get to see some more!

 And all through out the house are these little Mice to find...52 I think in total!

Time for todays Christmas Card from Jacquie Lawson, Just click on the link to view it...

December 11th Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card

Until Next time xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. Beautiful photos. SO many nicely decorated trees. XO

  2. That is some fancy house sweet Titch, everything is sure pretty!

  3. Your mum is sure busy. We love seeing inside that beautiful house too.

  4. What an amazing house, and so decorated! Thanks for that card; its beautiful! And there was a meezer, LOL!

    Sorry I missed a few posts...I'm trying to catch up!

  5. The big fireplace at Sultrum house is beautiful. I wish ours was like that (but we'd need a much bigger house).


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