Tuesday 13 December 2022

And Now its Time for some Christmas Shenanigan's

 Hello Blogville its you one and only Gossip Bunny with your Unofficial countdown to Christmas!

But wait its not just about Christmas though is it....Next week is Hanukkah so we will do a little something for that too next week but for now lets Catch up here! So another busy day here at my house! but this time it was all about me...well for the most part. Mummy took me to Buckland Abbey to see the Christmas stuff in the Great Barn and to send mum in to snap some photos of the house while I wait out side with dad..... But wait that didn't happen they said that I didn't have to wait outside that if mummy tucked me inside mummy's coat that is wasn't a problem. Mummy was shocked and said are you sure that she didn't want to cause any trouble. She didn't even ask. The staff fell in love with me and wanted to pet me and mum just said that that was what we were going to do and they said to tuck me in her coat...they suggested it so that is what we did... How cool is that? Anyway time to share some more of Saltram House and the Christmas Time Ball with you...

Tomorrow You will get to see the rest of the house but now its time for todays Jacquie Lawson card... Just click on the link to view it!

December 13th Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card

Until Next Time xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. How exciting that they let you go inside with your mum. We bet all the staff just loved meeting you. That sure was a beautiful place to visit with all those lovely decorations.

  2. WOW sweet Titch, those trees are all gorgeous, I could almost see Angel Speedy under them.

  3. Ooh wow, all those decorations and trees are soooo beautiful! Off to see the Jacquie Lawson card now. :)


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