Friday 9 December 2022

Happy December 9th...a time for some giggles

 Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny with your unofficial Countdown to all things Christmas this Holiday Season.

As promised photo's of me at Tamer View Garden Centre, But you will have to excuse mum she got caught out by Daddy a couple of times still it makes it more fun and that is what this season is about fun!

Tomorrow there will be Videos but don't mind mum being daft. But now its time for your next Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card, just click on the link to view it..

9th December Jacquie Lawson Card

Until next time xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. What a fun adventure you had. We love your pretty sweater.

  2. You sure have fun out n' abouts sweet Titch!

  3. You and Mum sure do have fun times out and about, Titch!


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