Saturday 3 December 2022

Its your next installment of my unofficial countdown

 Hello Blogville its you one and only Gossip bunny with your Unofficial countdown to all things Christmas!

So I was pondering about our Human families and why this season is so important to them. With all the stress of shopping getting their homes all decorated and ready for the big day. Does all this bring them joy and make them Merry? And how does it all affect us their furfamily? 

I watched my mum get Dad to help get all the decorations down and both of them grumbling about different things... Mostly dad grumbling about there being too much stuff and does mum need all of this stuff? Mum always says to stop complaining other wise she won't put any thing up for Christmas....Shock Horror...would my mum really do that...would she really Cancel Christmas in our House? I don't know that she would but dad did stop complaining and Mum has made our house into a lovely Christmas House and bringing back some of her childhood memories. Even dad appreciates all of mums hard work in bringing our house into the Christmas light. Do all of your Human families go through the same thing? One has to ponder about these things.

Any way time to share some more photos from one of our Christmas missions and this time I went too. this is some of our trip to Endsleigh Garden Centre...

I know no photos of me but there is some stuff with me tomorrow, but now its time for the next Christmas card from Jacquie Lawson Just click on the link below to view it and enjoy and Remember there will be more of these to come!

Jacquie Lawson Card for 3rd December

Until Next time xoxo your one and only Gossip Bunny

                   Little Miss Titch


  1. There sure are lots of pretty decorations to choose from at that garden center. Our mom loves decorating for Christmas and has made many of our decorations.

  2. That sure is a nice big bunch of Christmas goodies sweet Titch!

  3. TW would spend a fortune in there. TW lets Pop do the decorating while she complains. This year she actually took the lead starting the decorate the tree. Every Christmas now could be her last.

  4. Christmas is definitely going string at your place, Titch. We bet it will be great once Mum and Dad get stuff set up.

    That garden centre is amazing!


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