Thursday 15 December 2022

My Christmas time adventure to Buckland Abbey

 Hello Blogville its your one and only Gossip Bunny with your Unofficial Countdown to all things Christmassy and the Holiday Season...

The last few days have been busy here...well you know all about it because I already told you about the happenings and adventures. But now its time to show you with my trip to Buckland Abbey and the best thing is pretty much every photo has me in it as the star of the show!

This is the woodland trail in the Great Barn, in amongst the trees there were animals dotted around and their sounds were being played in the trees for you to try and spot the animals...
This is the treasure room with lots of artifacts ranging from when it was a Abbey to when it became Sir Francis Drakes home

in the Study room, there is a Rembrandt of Sir Francis Drake on one of the walls but not shown here

This part is the Georgian remodeled part of the house and was used as a dinning room

This top floor has exhibits on Tudor life, Sir Francis Drake and ship life

This is the Great Hall and is still has all the original Tudor Decor when the Abbey was remodeled into a home after Henry the 8th dissolved the Abbey's, Monasteries and any church lands after breaking with the Pope in Rome
And this is the Kitchen, it was remodeled several times over the centuries but still has original features right through to Victorian modifications

So there you have it My Adventure to Buckland Abbey. 
Just a little side Note as a rule only assistance dogs are normally aloud inside the house the only reasons I was allowed was because it was so cold due to the bitter icy Blast the UK is currently having, I was also in my blue jumper which covered most of my fur and I was partially tucked in side Mummy's coat at all times as per instructions so there was no chance of anything being left behind by me and Mummy never once asked to bring me inside. This was purely a one off occurrence and we don't expect it to be repeated again. We are truly Grateful for the offer of being allowed to bring me inside just this one time and only agreed due to the bitter weather otherwise I would have stayed outside with dad while mum nipped in to see the decorations and take photos. Pets are welcome in the Great Barn and the surrounding estate lands on leashes but not in the house or the gardens as Per National Trust rules. There have been times on visits to some National Trust properties where I have or my predecessor Angel Speedy have been allow in some areas that we would not be allowed but only under strict conditions such as being in a stroller in the gardens until in the estate lands where pets are allowed for which we are also grateful for these extra allowances. We only ever ask for clarification on areas where I am allowed so that we don't break the rules. We ask that if you visit any National Trust property to not pressure the staff over pet rules or it could lead to a change in pet rules in the future where Pets are band from all National Trust Properties like they have with St Michaels Mount.

Now Time for Todays Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card, click on the link to view it...

Until Next time xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. We love seeing all the different areas of this magnificent place. You are such a sweet bunny that the staff knew you would be fine all tucked into your mom's coat. Thanks for taking us along on your visit.

  2. That is such a nice place and I'm very happy they were kind enough to let you go in and enjoy it sweet Titch!

  3. That looks like an amazing place. All the photos are wonderful but I really like the colors and lighting effects in the first few photos. Your Mum is very wise to be so considerate of the pet rules and staff who must enforce them.


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