Friday 16 July 2021

Bunny Butt Friday...

 Somebody a couple of weeks ago asked us to Bunny Butt Friday, can't remember who. So Here is Titch with his first Bunny Butt Friday.....

And I think we also need one from Angel Speedy.....

Just to let you know Titch was 911 grams in weight when I weighed him this week....He's growing fast!


  1. ooh that is such a sweet idea... and we love the littly bunny butty ... happy friday and a happy weekend

  2. That's a darn cute bunny butt Titch!

  3. Those sure are a couple of cute bunny butts. BOL!

  4. To see bunny butts, I just look out the window.

  5. Titch has a very cute butt!

  6. How else do you know where to do it?


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