Tuesday 20 March 2012

Speedy escape's again!

Speedy's dad let him out in the back garden today and let Speedy chase him up the garden path,Speedy was having such fun that he leaped up into the air as he was chasing dad.Then Speedy was left to play as mum and dad had things to do that speedy soon got bored in the back garden so Speedy thought what can I get up to.
       Speedy escaped again today,his mum and dad was busy doing thing in the garden and in the house and when they wasn't looking speedy jumped over the little gate that stops Speedy going to the front garden.Speedy got all dirty from running around and hiding that when they found him,he was under the car in the drive.Dad tried to scoot him out but Speedy thought this is fun and gave dad the run about and hid back under the car.Speedy was tired from giving dad the run around which Speedy thought was very funny, so when mum came Speedy came out from under the car for a cuddle with mum.Mum said "oh Speedy you are a naughty rabbit" but she was laughing as well.

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