Thursday 29 March 2012

Spring is here and Speedy was out having fun!

Spring has come with warm sunshine all day long so mum and dad put Speedy out to play in the back garden.But mum and dad blocked off the front garden so that Speedy had to stay with them.Speedy was very happy as he was hanging around with them,he would sneak up behind while they relaxed in the sun and jump on their backs then run off doing binkies thinking that was fun but after a while Speedy got bored so he started to nosey about into the sheds he went nosing about then over to the gate to look on to gran mums garden to see what was going on in there.Then he leaped onto mum and then onto dad and he zoomed off as fast as he could with mum and dad laughing with glee at Speedy's fun and games.

1 comment:

  1. NO DOWN TIME. I think that is Speedy's garden motto!


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