Thursday 12 July 2012

Speedy's prize draw results

To day Speedy picked the winning entries to the draw and guess what? After picking the winners he felt bad about those that didn't win,so he decided to do a bonus draw so the rest of the entries had another chance to win a Speedy scarf.As you all cans Speedy chewed the tickets a bit to show that he had picked the winners.Congratulations to the winners and to the rest of you who entered sorry that you didn't win this time there is always next time.

Speedy picked Nellie from Cats from Hell for the cream and blue Scarf
Then Speedy picked Swan Warren From Lavender Rabbits for the pink scarf
Then for the the bonus draw Speedy picked Michelle from Raspberry Rabbits


  1. Yes, lucky! OR....Was it fixed?? DUN DUN DUUUUUUUNN!!! Haha just kidding, Soeedy. A rabbit's honor is never for sale. I might have to make a little something and do a giveaway meself. Rabbit themed of course.

  2. Oooo thank you so very much! So exciting!What is your email or you can email me and I'll reply with my info.

  3. Yeah!! Thank you so much Speedy!
    Extra nose rubs from the Swan Warren


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