Monday 24 March 2014

I guess we are all dorks at times

I guess we are all dorks some times,me included..I vented my anger which I might add most normal people would, but I didn't want to point any direct fingers at those that made me angry,because at the end of the day I do love their blogs and deep down they are good people,and I didn't want any body to stop following them because of this situation But I did want them to understand that the over stepped the code I have for friendships maybe I expect to much sometimes who knows...
I don't mind people say silly  or misunderstanding or even mean comments to me but I felt because there was no reaction from me,so they went a step further by doing it to another when I control what's written on this blog with out letting me clarify what I have written or even re-word it,and then you get messages begging you to do something about because of not so nice comments,so that is what made me so cross...some times things happen and I go in to a rage...not just any kind of rage...its the type of Ice cold rage of a winter snow storm that rage's on for a few days....the type that makes you think oh crap time to batten down the hatches and run for cover.....doesn't happen very often....but it does happen...I am human after all.So in the that storm I cut off my connections to them so I wouldn't say anything hasty or anything I would regret later on.
So this is where my Dork moment comes in...I am new to FB and I really don't understand how it all works there's me thinking I am having a private chat when I said to a friend after she was recommending friends,and one of those was Michelle at my three moggies and I am going to say what I said and that was "I'm a bit peeved at Michelle at the the moment but the others would be good" or something along those lines,not meaning to be nasty or bad mouth her in any way or even upset her because I didn't realise till later on that it was live,when I did realise I tried to fix it and the gadgets went wrong and I couldn't quite fix it and the whole time I was thinking Crap I'm a twerp.That was the only thing I said nothing more just a simple statement of fact that I was peeved with her.It wasn't meant to be horrible it was just a simple statement of fact,which I might add I have fixed now that the gadgets are working again.and I said I was sorry and I mean it ,and I also mean when I say when it comes to understanding how FB works I am a twerp.
So the ones that misunderstood me were Michelle and Stella and as I said I didn't want any body going on their blogs and being mean to them there which is why I tried to keep their names out of it,because they are good people and they do have great blogs which I continued to follow with Speedy even though I was in my winter storm.
So please don't give them a hard time,Just because I was angry at the time,because that would only make me cross again because in this instance I would fight for them too,because even though this happened I still consider them friends,may be not close friend at the moment but friends all the same and we are trying to work this out.
So lets draw a line under this sorry affair and and start a new.


  1. Starting again sounds good to us. Sometimes things just get misunderstood or just lost in translation. Genuinely glad all is sorted. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Sounds like a good plan Speedy. Glad you are able to try and do the forgive and forget thing. I also don't get upset very easily, but like you when I do it's a storm!

  3. dood....we canna give ewe any add vise bout facebook coz we is knot over ther...we visited once N wuz like uh....oh sinz we dinna figure it out... we set sail bak ta trout towne N cooked up 37 cases oh fresh flounder that had just finded itz way ta R shorez.....funny thing bout doez that :)

  4. Water under the bridge is usually a good way to deal with things, especially if all immediate parties are in agreement.

    wishing you all the best

  5. We are human. "To err is human, to forgive is divine" - we carry are a kind person to me, you always have been and I adore your blog and Mista Speeeeeeeeedo!

    Hugs to you, Rachel.

  6. I am still learning all the ins and outs of fb myself. I have been using it since December of 2013, but all I do is visit friends pages and post my own post titles. So I know how you feel there.
    I hope all this can be fixed soon, and I hope you can make it to the conference as well. Good luck guys!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. Love an husky woooos my furiends!


  8. Thumbs up :-) Have a great day.

  9. We certainly won't do anything, we understand when something goes wrong like that, been there, done that.

    The Mad Scots

  10. Have a lovely Tuesday, Speedy and Rachel. Hugs.

  11. I'm glad to read the good news. Have a wonderful tuesday

  12. I applaud you Rachel for being such a truthful & honest person. To admit ones' own mistakes is a sign of maturity.
    You are far more gracious than I would have been in the same situation! You are my SHERO!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too

  13. Wow…Mom just went through some similar stuff with Mauricio at Cat Scouts. Some of us wear our hearts on our sleeves as they say, and that can get us into trouble. We do not have a FB account, and your experience sounds like another good reason not to get one. Glad you are working things out. Keep your chin up. Your furiends, Janet and Kitties Blue

  14. Thank you to all of you for your understanding,you are all the reason why we do this,xx Rachel and Speedy


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