Friday 4 May 2012

Spot the Speedy

In the first photo Speedy is playing hide and seek and when we finished playing that we had a little visitor so now we play spot the visitor!Answers in the comments below

Spot the Speedy!
Spot the visitor!
And to top it all Speedy finally managed to escape from the front garden into the drive,Naughty bunny making me have to go chasing after him!


  1. Ay yi yi! *squint* I cannot see them! Clues?! : ) x

  2. I must be blind...I can't see them either!

  3. Heres two little clues:
    In spot the Speedy look in the the centre of the picture below the acer tree you can just see some brown bunny ears.
    In spot the visitor look at the top of the rock next to the blue flower against the back drop of the wall there is a male sparrow.

  4. AHHHH! Got 'em! Sweetlings abound! : ) x

  5. I see them! Maybe change Speedy's name to sneaky!


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