Tuesday 19 November 2019

Hello...is anybody Out there?

Gosh I hope you are all out there still.I know we're a bit sporadic with the Blogging but Mummy has been doing lots of work to get ready for my Christmas and Holiday Countdown which starts 1st of December.Mummy has lots of photos to get us started so we really are getting organised.

Now Remember you all need to send in photos of all your seasonal Holiday stuff and with you in them so we can see you all enjoying the Festive Cheer.We will post everyday from the 1st right through to Christmas day....of which you will have until about 5am UK time to get them in on Christmas Morning....cause that's when mum turns the PC on! And there will be a Facebook event on my Facebook page as well to help make it easier for you to send them in or there will be the usual email option too....we'll post that the last week end of the month to remind you all.And here's the most important bit....my favourite 3 will all get a little present from me to keep the festive cheer going a bit longer!

The other bit of news is about our Hedgehog Family....one of the Juveniles decided to wander off so we are left with the Mum and one Juvenile who Daddy has decided to call Pup.The really sad bit is Mum and dad went out on Sunday and when they came back there was a little Hedgehog  in the road this size of our Juvenile and it had been run over,we think it was the one that wandered off but we're not 100% sure.Pup moved into the greenhouse into a cardboard box so mummy moved on of the nest boxes in there for Pup....and because pup was still a bit under weight it was decided the best thing was to keep Pup in the back garden till Pup gets up to the right weight.Anyway mum put the trail camera in the greenhouse to see how Pup was doing and saw that pup has lost some fur on one side and has a few scabs.Pup went to the vets yesterday because of this and Pup has lost a little weight,but the fur loss and scabs is mange.So Pup has an injection and has to have 2 more each a week apart and after each treatment the nest box has to be cleaned out and fresh bedding put in.Luckily Mummy said its been caught early so it should be sorted out soon and Pup should feel a bit better in him or her self in a few days and shouldn't lose to much fur or spines....poor Pup.Pup's Mum is looking clear so far but she is being monitored via the trail camera and a new mini camera for the feed station.Anyway I guess you all want to see Pup Don't you?!


  1. Nice to see you Speedy. You all sure take good care of the sweet hedgehogs and I'm sorry to hear about the wee one.

  2. wavez two ewe speedy N pup frum all oh uz heer in TT...heerz hopin ya get ta feelin soooper better reel lee soon pup....mange iz knot fun :(


  3. Hello Pup! You are cute! I think maybe when you are older and feeling better you and Speedy might get to have a play date, eh?

  4. Aww it's so great that your Mum cares about these sweet hedgehogs, Speedy! Take care now!

  5. Getting festive-excited! Keep taking care of the hedgies .. it is a hard life for them ..

  6. Hi, Speedy!
    Sad news about the poor wee one...
    Hope the mange gets cleared up quickly!

  7. We're sorry to hear about the little hedgehog. You take such good care of the hedgehog family ! Purrs

  8. I hope Pup's mange clears up fast - that is so sad about the little hedgehog getting run over.

  9. I'm still here, one of your biggest fans! I think for me, blogging has decreased for so many reasons, but friends like you, you make it all so worth coming back to in order to simply give you a virtual hug.

  10. Hedgehogs are so cute. Thanks for posting the videos. Speedy, has your mum made her Christmas cake yet? Always love to see the Christmas posts.

    1. Yep She baked it beginning of Last week,she is feeding it Spirits now....what ever that means,xx Speedy


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