Thursday 3 October 2019

Happy Birthday Speedy.....8 Today!

It's Speedy's 8th Birthday today so let's Celebrate with some cards
From Teddy
Angel Mr Mick
Angel Miss Lola Bun
Dante and Beatrice and Aunty Linda
The Wiem Twins
Aunty Wanda and her Buns
BellaDharma and Aunty Sherri-Ellen
Dalton,Benji and Pipo

Plus Cards from Aunty Chris and Uncle Michael and Mummy and Daddy!
And a Big THANK YOU to all the other Birthday Messages you all sent!
Now time for snacks and grab a drink from the bar


  1. Happy Birthday to the one with the longest ears from the one with no ears at all.

  2. Happy Eighth Birthday, Speedy! Have a wonderful day!

  3. dood...thanx for de inn vite; yur partee rox...ya DID get sum hay afturr all...N joy de day; itz still young, plentee oh time ta coz a wee bit oh mizz cheef yet !!! happee day speedy ♫♪♫♫♪♫

  4. Such wonderful cards! Happy Birthday from all of us special Speedy!

  5. Happy Birthday Speedy!!!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  6. Happy birthday beautiful Speedy! We love you! 💕🐰🐇💕

  7. Happy 8th birthday, dear Speedy!

  8. Happy birthday, Speedy! I'm sorry I'm a little late to the party - blame my human, MOL!

  9. Dearest, dearest Speedy, YOU ARE LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have more love on your birthday than I ever do!!!!!! I am so happy to see you celebrate eight years with such loving parents.

  10. Happy 8th Birthday Speedy!!

    The Florida Furkids

  11. Happy Birthday to my favorite bunny rabbit! I have a personal message for you as well..xxxoooo

    Dear Peace Blogger,
    We invite you to Blog4Peace on November 4, 2019. Your peace globes and powerful words have inspired people all over the world. Go to to get a peace globe template or find us on Facebook. We hope to see you again on this incredible day in the blogosphere.
    Peace to you and yours,
    Mimi Lenox, Founder Blog4Peace

  12. Awwww - Happy 8 there buddy!!!!

  13. Happy 8th Birthday little dude, we hope mew had an epic day! XOX

  14. Lulu: "Happy belated big oh-eight, Speedy!"
    Charlee: "Many happy returns!"
    Chaplin: "Is there any cake left?"

  15. Oh Speedy, I'm so late on sending my Happy Birthday wishes to you. I blame it on Mom, 'cause she didn't have it marked on my catender. Luvs you, bun furriend.


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