Monday 23 January 2017

Sleep over with Nellie!

The Gift: 19 Nellie on The Edge!
Nellie's Mummy and my Mummy had been talking about how good it would be for me to pay a nice visit to see my dearest friend as I hadn't seen her since I took her to Edinburgh for Hogmanay on New Years Eve I thought this was a grand idea so I rang her to tell her I was on my way and to listen out for me in her Mummy's closet as that's how I travel to visit my pals

Hehehe when I landed in Nellie's Mummy's closet I kinda got tangle in her shirts....What a mess as I struggled out Nellie helped me with the shirts and told me I had timed it perfectly lunch was ready!And I thought yummy I'm starving....closet travel always makes me hungry!

Lunch was perfect my favorite bunny food and some cat grass to share with Nellie while she had a nice bit of salmon ,Nellie's mum even gave us a romantic touch with a candle to set the scene...I taught Nellie some of my favourite jokes which she thought was very funny.After lunch Nellie took me out in her car....she is an excellent driver!
We ended up at a place called Garry Point....
We have a lovely stroll about while Nelle told me all about where she lives and then we headed back to her house to watch a Movie on Netflix...
With our favourite snacks which we forgot to eat as the Movie The Secret Life of Pets was so funny...did you know there's a bunny called Snowball in it?Any way when that finished we went off to bed for a nice long snooze....
Now Hop on over to Nellie's to see the whole day we had !


  1. Wow, it looks like you had so much fun together!!! So happy for you! Love all your beautiful pictures:)

  2. And no chaperones! Oh my word
    Lily & Edward

  3. That sure was a most special time Speedy!

  4. BaaaaaWaaaah Lily and Edward's Comment... hehehehe

    WOW you surely showed her a FINE time.

  5. We're glad you had fun and great time with sweet Nellie ! Purrs

  6. Oh Speedy Darling! Yous is the bestest furrend ever!
    Mes ALWAYS has the bestest times with yous.
    Thanks yous for coming to visit mes! Yous always makes mes so furry happy!
    Your Nellie Bellie

  7. What a great visit!!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. My goodness, what a fun adventure you and Nellie are having.

  9. Wow Speedy, mew and Nellie had a great time fur sure dude!!!!!

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  10. Oh mee oh mye Speedy yur such a gentullbun!! No wunder Queen Nellie adoorss you!!!
    LadyMum iss 'oohhin' an 'aahhinn' a lot....mew mew mew...
    ***Hi5'sss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  11. Wonderful!! Looks like you guys had a great day!! So lucky you get to drive! Amarula doesn't even have her license!

  12. Squeeeee!!! You and Nellei had such a pawsome visit Speedy. So wish I could have been there purring with you

  13. Ahhhhhh......maybe I should think about my closet differently and instead of reaching for a dress to wear to work, I should walk back further; I may end up in Europe, England to be exact, where I can visit YOU, Speedy bunny! We would eat, you could drive me about your beautiful English countryside, then we could relax and watch all the fun animals movies! Oh sweet boy, this was a fun post!

  14. It's nice to spend good time with friends.
    I am sure that Nelly was really happy to see you.

  15. Oh how ADORABLE is this? I LOVE the photos!! So cute with you eating bunny food and Nellie has salmon MOL!! Love the car and couch photos too, adorable! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody


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