Tuesday 16 September 2014

Some new outings with Speedy and some important reminders

Ok what to do First hmmm.......First a very important reminder!
 Remember this Fellow?......This is Tigger,Savannah at Savannah Pawtracks is trying to find him a new home.
 Can you believe no one has snapped him up Yet?But here's the tricky bit he was supposed to be going to the kitty corner at the CCHS as his foster is going on vacation but there was a fire in in part of the building don't worry the other cats are safe.
 So he desperately needs a new home so please hop on over to Savannah's to see if there is any help you can give,or even give him his forever home.

 Next Just a reminder that its my Pirate Party on Friday to celebrate me becoming a Pirate
and remember there is a giveaway for the best dressed Pirates so you have until Midnight UK time on Thursday 18th to get you photos in of you all dressed up as Pirates in time for my Party on Friday 19th....that's Talk like a pirate day too!So send them into my mum at [email protected].

And Finally here are a couple of videos of me out and about, the first one is of me in some horse fields with proper horse riding horses and one Shetland pony.In all a total of 7 horses and the Shetland Pony wanted to meet me and say hello I even had nosebonks from them but mummy couldn't video that and hold me too but the loved me...hehehe
And the second video is of my first experience of a beach,a big pebble and sand beach next to the river,and guess what I loved it!


  1. Poor Tigger!! I just can't believe he still hasn't found a furever home! :( I will be sure to spread the word as I've tried to keep doing every week! Also, love Speedy's new videos and can't wait for the party!! Destiny will be in full pirate gear and I'll be sure to send you a pic! ;) xo

  2. He is such a cutie. And Speedy you crack us up walking around outside
    Lily & Edward

  3. Speedy, it is always so fun to see you out and about!

  4. Great adventure Speedy :-) ...of course you have to have noms when you go to the river. They always taste better when you're out on a picnic ;-)

  5. We are STUNNED that he hasn't found a super home yet. Hope one comes along SOON.
    I (ERNIE) am gonna be Talkin like a pirate on Friday.
    Love your videos Speedy.

  6. Rachel, I am sure it was totally unintended, and it all happened because you were manipulated by a very cheeky bunny, but I believe you have aided and abetted a notorious pirate. He has now had a really good look at some new shipping lanes and has even found a number of nearby suitable places to bury his treasure.

    It is time for some lucky person to come forward and give the magnificent Tigger a home. I hope this fortunate person will be a fashionista/o. Tigger really needs a tag that is not in the shape of a dog bone. Well, I guess it could be a chic counter kitty culture thing, but...What does Speedy think? I just don't know...seems a bit speciesist to me.

    I want a snuggle from the notorious pirate. AJ

  7. Nice one Speedy. Can't believe Tigger is still looking for a forever home. Paws crossed. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. We hope that Tiger will find a nice home.
    So ... you went to the beach. Good place for a little Pirate. You seems to really enjoy it.
    I have never been near the sea. I am ... a forest cat !

  9. dood...we loved yur mewvies...we gived em both 984 paws UP !!! we liked de black & white poneez two....may bee mum could bring him home for ewe !! N ya shulda had a lawn chairz for de beech....ya mite have been abe bull ta look for bashfuls' brother or sister !!! ♥

  10. Looks like you had fun meeting the ponies Speedy.

  11. CAPT'N SPEEDBOAT! It is always so fun to watch you and hear mummy speak to you....did the horsies give you a nose bump? teehee I wish I could take a walk with you and hold you by the leash. Now that would be fun.

    HUGS AND LOVE to you!

  12. We love seeing your out n' abouts Speedy! We sure wish dear Tigger would get discovered soon.

  13. Poor Tigger! I wish someone would just adopt him! He is so sweet!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  14. AHOY MATEY!!! A Pirate Bunneh at da beech makez purrfect sense to us ;)
    Me must see if Mum can help me wif a costume....
    AS fer Tigger we iz sad he not have a home yet...he iz so far away frum us so we cannot take him butt we shared him n purray n hope....
    Sendin ya **paw kissez**
    Lub Nylablue =^,,^=
    ...oh n Mum too... :)

  15. Oh we love Pirate Day! :)

    We can't believe Tigger is still waiting for his furever home. He's so handsome!

  16. I already own 7 cats which keeps me broke. haha...I"D LOVE to have Tigger---he looks so much like my Candy who went over the Rainbow Bridge about 3 years ago....wish I could help. He is beautiful!...and so is SPEEDY!!! I am glad he is doing well!
    Lee in Texas

  17. Poor Tigger. Strange indeed that he hasn't found a home yet. Unfortunately I live on the other part of the world.

  18. Speedy we agree..we did another big bloggie post for Tigger..and have been sharing him..still find it hard to beleive he has not been snapped up...now these movies are great...horses are so curious aren't they...I imagine they were wondering who you were hahaah :) amd I love the beach too...good to see you having a sun bathe :) don't forget to slip slop slap as we say here ;) loves Fozziemum xx

  19. Tigger is beautiful. I just can't believe he hasn't found his forever humans yet. He's awesome. Can't wait for pirate day on Friday - I love that time of year. And Speedy - you are just too adorable as always! XOXO - Bacon

  20. Hi Rachel... I hope Tigger gets a home soon... He is lovely...

    Good to know about the giveaways...

    And of course, last but not least, super cute videos of the pretty Speedy.

    Thanks for sharing and happy wednesday, Aquileana :D

  21. Speedy, you are SO brave and adventuresome. I can't believe you were that close to the ponies, and just nibbling salad like a champ. At the beach, too! You're just munching and crunching away. You're my idol. Once I saw a party balloon and Mom had to carry me past it because I turned to stone.

    Love and licks,

  22. Poor Tigger. Just don't understand it. He is so handsome and sounds like a wonderful kitty. Can't wait to see all the pirates Speedy.
    Sue B

  23. What a great adventure Speedy ! We're looking forward to your Friday's pawty ! Purrs


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