Sunday 8 September 2019

Its a new Season!

Well Fall has come,the trees are starting to change colour and are starting to drop and after it being quiet on the hedgehog front for a few weeks.The Smallest one has come back and has moved into one of the Hedgehog houses.The house is just off the left of the camera so you can't see it but we do see her going in and out of it.Mummy needs to move the Camera a bit.

Mum move the other house to the other side of the tree because the Hogs had stopped going in there.Its seems they are keen to have it too close to the feed station because they don't like to be disturbed while they are sleeping.So we will see if another hog will take up residence in that one now.We do have one other Hog that comes a couple times a week,that one is a bigger one.lets hope the rest come back soon!

Now time for a little bit of me!
Me this week up on the moors


  1. Cool HogCam and you look terrific Speedy!

  2. Hi Speedy! Cute little Hedgie there ... hope there will be more!

  3. Lulu: "Ooh, the moors? Did you see Heathcliff?"
    Charlee: "On the moors? I thought Heathcliff was a cat who lived in an apartment with Jon and Odie."
    Lulu: "Different Heathcliff."

  4. Love the HogCam too. Lady says we would try and hunt a hedgehog in our yard.

  5. Good to see you Speedy, and I am glad the hedgehogs are thriving. They can be a worry when they don't want the homes you provide! Honestly, this is the lap of luxury you piglets!!!

  6. Meow meow what a furabuluss selfie Speedy! You look were THE moorss??
    An LadyMew xplaned to mee what THE hogss are....mee nevurr herd of Hedgeyhogss bee-fore. Yoress sure are cute!
    Mee can hardlee wait to see more of them!
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

  7. Great selfie Speedy. And your mum takes such good care of the hedgehogs and you too. XO

  8. Your human takes such good care of those little guys!

  9. Looking super white and floofy, there Captain Speedy, and clearly enjoying some quality outdoor time, sad though that the days are drawing in, but at least you have great places to visit in the day.
    Oooh the Hog video is great, and we had a visitor to our palace a week or so past, very active and healthy hog on the hunt for food.
    Great to see, just like you.

  10. Speedy, you are looking sharp my bun furriend! Tummy tickles.

  11. Love your selfie, Speedy!
    And we all here love fall, its not so hot and its more fun to play when the weather is more temperate. And the harvest is on from our patio pots, YUM! You would enjoy nibbling some of the plants there, Hah!

  12. Good to see you, Speedy. It's so bunderful your hoomin is taking such good care of the hedgehogs <3 And here, in the south of the very south of the colonies, we're very jealous of your changing season.

  13. So good to see you, Speedy and your hedgehog too. We enjoyed to see him in the movie. So cute...but so are you💗Pawkisses for a wonderful Sunday and Week ahead🐾😽💞


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