Monday 26 August 2019

Sunday Selfies....Late but worth the wait!

I know it's Monday but Mum took me to see an Important Person today so its worth the wait till today for my Sunday Selfie Post....Trust me it really is!
 The New Bridge at Tintagel is open....granting easy access to me and my Stroller!

Me taking it easy and having a spot of lunch!Now for the Best Bit!!!!
Me and the King with mummy!


  1. That is an awesome selfie, Speedy!

  2. oh my Speedy that is super beautiful!!! we love love love that photo of you and your mama with da king!!!

  3. Such a beautiful place and your selfie is amazing Speedy!

  4. You are the King - who is that other guy???

  5. Speedy, I love that last even more...seeing the King, you and your Mommy!

  6. Those are some pretty awesome sights you got to see, plus some wonderful sunny pictures. It looks the perfect summers trip out. Mrs H initially thought that was Darth Vader in the picture, and then put her glasses on and got really embarrassed, MOL

  7. Pawsome pic of you and your momma!

  8. You were really lucky to visit such a beautiful place ! I have seen it to but without the cats !

  9. Well done, Speedy. We love your selfie!

  10. Charlee: "That looks like a very interesting place, Speedy!"
    Chaplin: "Our dada asked if you saw Uther Pendragon at Tintagel, but we don't know why."
    Lulu: "Maybe he's talking about that King person?"
    Charlee: "With Dada, you can never tell."


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