Monday 11 April 2022

The comings and goings of one gossip bunny and her world

 Hello Blogville yes it's me your one and only gossip Bunny...I'm here pondering the comings and goings of all those that enter my world. We have Jack the Jackdaw still on his vacation waiting for his feathers to grow back and the Baby pigeons who are now being weaned and learning to feed on their own at the same vacation spot as Jack....I might add I have new videos on that....

And then we have a little Blackbird, she has a nest in the garden next door. We sometimes see her husband Mr Blackbird but mainly only Mrs Blackbird comes. As soon as she sees Mummy she comes flying chasing mummy to the back door for some food and follows her around until she gets it. if Mummy is in the garden doing some work she follows mummy around picking up worms and the like to take them back to her chicks and then she's back again until mummy is finished....

And then there's the Hedgehogs the come every night, some stay in the accommodation's some don't but they all come to eat at the all you can eat buffet. One has to ponder these comings and goings of all those that come and why they come...does mummy have some super power that draws them to her? Does mummy have some kind of power to talk to the animals? Hmmm enquiring minds want to know!
Rest assure this Gossip Bunny will get to the bottom of it!

Anyway on to the latest on Me. I was getting tired of everyone thinking I'm a boy so I made mummy sort me a new Harness to make me more like the pretty girl I am! here's me showing off at a Easter egg hunt that is taking place for the children this week after all you can't have Easter without seeing a bunny....

I think its perfect don't you? And then Mummy said we had an email from Aunty Ann over at Zoolatry she sent me and Angel Speedy a new Header for our Blog(my Blog) isn't it the best thing ever?

Mummy will be adding this to our blog(my Blog) this week some time. In the meantime I shall be resting up getting ready for my duties for the Easter bunny this weekend...its a very Busy time of year for us Bunnies.

                                               xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. That is a pretty ppink harness, Miss Titch!

    You sure do hhave a lot of interesting cominggs and goigs at your home.

    Hope you have fun at the egg hunt...they had one today at the nursing home where I work...I saw no bunnies, but I did see a beautiful white Samoyed pup! she is a therapy pup, so bunnies would be safe with her:)

  2. Those baby pigeons sure were hungry! You look so cute in your pink harness. There is no way anyone could mistake you for a boy now. We hope you have a good time helping with the Easter festivities, Titch. That is a great new header Miss Ann made for you.

  3. I LOVE the videos, thank you for sharing them, Titch. Your camerawoman does good work. :)

    Your harness is adorable, I particularly like the bow. :)

  4. titch N speedy yur new headerz awesum !!! titch we hope ewe haza grate week a head...yur new harnezz iz way kewl ☺☺♥3...say...due ewe noe that dood named "easturr" ;) ☺☺

  5. Great header! All the news that's fit to print. You, Titch, are a wealth of info.

  6. Your new harness is so pretty, Titch!

  7. Aww you look so sweet in your new harness little Miss Titch ❤


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