Wednesday 29 June 2016

Say hello to a new pal....Lulu

 No Disapproving Bun day today as I have another new pal for you all to meet Little Bunny Lulu and friends
Lulu Bunny is a English Angora and she lives with her mum and dad and 8 kitty fur siblings....
Her she is with her sister Violet.Lulu is a fun bunny who is a bit of an adventure bunny like me....
But the sad thing is her family has been targeted by bullies because she has no fear of normal things that rabbits in general don't like.So please go pay her a visit and then get to know her and her family,and see what a special girl she is.She has a cute shop that helps to support her kitty siblings that you might want to take a peek at too.


  1. Nice to meet new furriends ! Lulu Bunny is a lovely furry bunny, we're going to visit her and her family. Purrs

  2. Speedy your new friend is a real good looking girl.

  3. itz veree nice ta meet ewe lulu & violet lulu; N how kewl iz that; ewe haz kitty sibingz !!! awesum ♥♥♥

  4. Sweet Speedy. You're a dapper dear. Thank you so much for introducing me to your fans. The post is kind and adorable, just like you!

    I'm blushing because my ears were molting (in those pics)and I had a shag haircut from my well-meaning Mommy. EEK!

    I love to read about your adventures and watch your videos. You're adorable as can be and I thank you so very, very much!!

  5. So pretty. Nice to meet her.
    Sue B

  6. Speedy, doll. I published my first LOVE IT! Featuring you Sure hope you like! Thanks again for the post!

  7. How could anyone bully such an adorable little sweetie pie like Lulu

  8. Lulu is such a sweetheart!!!

    Thanks fur introducing us Speedy :D


    Basil & Co xox

  9. SHE LOOKS LIKE A TOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a precious little bundle! I must go visit. LOVE!

  10. Hi Lulu nice to meet you :o) I hope that bullies disappear or there is a way to chase them over all hills... it is awful when a furmily has to deal with such bad guys... hugs to Lulu and her furmily...

  11. Nice to meet Lulu and her fur-family. <3
    I agree with The Daily Dip . . . How could anyone bully such a cute Bun as Lulu?

  12. She is super cute! Don't like bullies. Ignoring them is usually best and eventually they will lose interest.

  13. She is a beautiful bunny :)


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