Tuesday 28 June 2016

ASPCA ID Your Pet Day and giveaway!

The ASPCA Contacted us to help with a campaign they have called ID Your Pet Day!And as Always we are happy to help them out.And of course we have a give away too for you all!
Now with the hot weather setting in and July 4th celebrations for our friends in the US around the corner, and here in the UK the school holidays coming up, we wanted to remind pet owners that more time spent outdoors poses an added risk of pets escaping.
To help keep pets safe this season, the ASPCA has created ID Your Pet Day on July 1st – a holiday to raise awareness about the importance of ID tagging your pet. This holiday is especially timely as July 4th is a time of year when many pets go missing due to fireworks. In hopes of spreading the word about this important day, The ASPCA designed this infographic with tips below to keep your pets safe:
A personalized ID tag is the best way to increase the likelihood your pet returning home. Make sure your pet is fitted with a collar and ID tag that includes your name and phone number.
·         Implanted microchips can serve as an important security measure to ensure that a pet is returned home in the case of a lost collar and ID tag.
·         Download the ASPCA Pet Safety App to access personalized instructions on how to search for a lost animal in a variety of circumstances: ASPCAapp.org.
Now for the giveaway we have this great summer gift pack for one of you lucky readers.This giveaway is open worldwide.To enter simply leave a comment below on this post or on the on my wordpress blog (Link is Below) so good luck to you all!
summer giveaway
Here's the list of goodies in the Summer gift pack up for grabs!
·               ASPCA Tote
·               ASPCA Frisbee
·               ASPCA Beach Ball
·               ASPCA Towel
·               Subaru Yoga Mat
The closing Date for this Give away is Sunday 3rd July at Midnight UK time.All entrants will be entered into a draw which will be picked by me (Speedy) which mummy will video and post to anounce the winner on July 4th!



  1. ID is the right thing to do, and the smart one too Speedy!

  2. I can't use it but Kali could.

  3. Thanks for the important reminder! We are all chipped. We don't wear collars because they rub our skin raw, but hopefully if we ever escaped our microchips would be checked.

  4. Hi Speedy, what a great PSA. Both Tuiren and Fenris have collars with their names and Mommy's phone # embroidered on it.

  5. Good morning friends! Though I don't have a pet, I still wanted to come to bid you a good morning! Hugs to all!


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