Sunday 22 December 2013

Christmas Count down December 22nd

As Promised I am introducing you to a friend of mummy and daddy's ,she's called Nina and she is a 12 year old Dalmatian.I enlisted her to help me with a second Mission from Dalton as I am a bunny I don't eat doggy food.He sent me Wagg beef and and Vegetable kennel complete dog food for her to try and review.
This image is from the Wagg website
This New Dry food: is free from artificial colours and Flavourings,and has a quality fibre with a pro biotic for a healthy Tummy,contains vitamins A,E,C and citrus for a healthy immune system,and has add zinc and a balanced ratio of omega 6 & 3 fat for supple skin and glossy coat and Yucca to reduce odour from flatulence and has no added sugar.

Now Nina has Recently had to have Chemotherapy for a tumour which didn't have any results but she ended up not being so keen on her normal Kibble as the treatment made her mouth a little sore But don't worry she is OK for now and who know what might happen with the tumour.This mission came just at the right time for Nina.

And as you can see she tucked right into it
 And she liked it so much she made her Daddy go out and get her some more!

Wagg provided one bag off food for the review the opinions are her own and was not other wise compensated.

Here's the next entry to my Christmas Count down and it is from Flynn

Then the next entry is from Nissy at Nerissa's Life and is of his Brother Seville
And the next entry is from My Mini Pet Pig and is of Coccolino

Don't forget you can still enter you have till 10pm UK time on Christmas eve to get your photos in to my mummy at [email protected]

And here is the link to the Google Christmas Magic Gallery there a new photo's added


  1. Wagging at the yummy Wagg.
    Have a serene Sunday and enjoy the big easy Speedy.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Thanks so much for postin' the picture of my partner in crime... I mean, brother... Seville. Hehehe...


  3. Thanks Speedy! All those pictures are great and it looked like your friend really enjoyed that food :-)

  4. Wow! that doggie is lucky to has yous as a furrend Speedy! Just like mes!!!
    And me loved all our furrends trees!
    Me shallhas to send yous a picture of our teeny one.

  5. Sweet Nina, I pray you feel better and enjoy that nommilicious kibble!
    I forgot to mention, Speedy, that I got your card in the mail. Love love love it. I do believe you were born to be a pirate AND Christmas bunny!.

  6. Looks like that dog was enjoying her food. Thanks for posting my tree.

  7. Flynn and Nissy are such pretty colors. and i had to LAUGH and laugh at the little piggie---I never think of them for sister always wanted one. This one is so sweet!!
    Lee in Texas

  8. I really hope Nina will be OK. That looks like a very good food.

    Nice Christmas trees with cute furries in these shots.

  9. Best wishes to Nina and we hope she gets better for the trees well we love them all and the wonderful pets that have sent them in :) hugs Fozziemum xx

  10. Yummy treats and friends with trees is just purrfect Speedy!

  11. Speedy, I always feel a little disloyal when I think about how much I like your kitty and doggy friends. Is it okay? Oh, and pass the Wagg. Sounds good, but I do expect some Christmas cake for dessert.

  12. Nina is very pretty. Must be some tasty food. Hope she is doing well. Everyone's photos are so pretty.
    Sue B

  13. Nina sure likes that food!

    We enjoy seeing today's decorations. Such pretty trees!

  14. Excitement coming out my ears now! Woot!

  15. No you don't eat doggy food you eat hay and veg and grass like me!

  16. That's pawsome about your friend Speedy! She is very cute, but sad to hear that she is not feeling well. Glad she liked the food though.

  17. We're so happy Nina enjoyed the Wagg so much and that she's doing fine. :)

  18. I'm glad Nina liked the Wagg food, it sure is yummy!

  19. Don't touch the tree. Supposedly Santy is watching

  20. Thanks for continuing to share all these wonderful photos. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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