Thursday 5 May 2016

Speedy's Movie Day!

Hello and Welcome to movie day I have some great movies for you today!I have yesterday's outing!Would you believe it is finally warming up I was beginning to think winter would never let go!

Here are some photo's too!

and now for me!

and now I'm Pooped!

And now for an adventure with my Mum!She went to see Cotehele House which dates back to the 1400's...I couldn't go as pets aren't allowed inside the house but next time I can go so I can show you the grounds,the Mill and the Quay at the house!


  1. Oh Speedy and mum, you have made my day! Speedy, you look very relaxed, all sprawled out at the end of your walkie! teeeheeeee AND THE PONIES! You got to see ponies? You lucky bunny! And mum got to visit a lovely old estate with fabulous gardens. Oh my friends, think of me, and how I'd love to be there!

  2. Squeals!! I love your pics and videos my sweet friend. And you laying out in the sun - I can almost feel the sunrays! XOXO - Bacon

  3. Speedy, you need to learn how to locate truffles. You'll make a mint.

  4. A lot of good sniffs out there
    Lily & Edward

  5. What a lovely area! Do bunnies leave their droppings as a way to mark territory over other bunnies?

    1. Yes Bunnies do mark their Territory but they also just like to communicate with other bunnies too xx Rachel

  6. Hi Speedy, your fav wood looks really nice. With that sun and all that munching I don't blame you for being pooped. Have a great week, and here's to more of the warm stuff. purrs ERin

  7. speedy....dood...thanx for sharin theeze mooveez....ewe R total lee chillaxin in yur last two food servizz gurl sayz ta tell yur mum thanx for de moovee bout Cotehele house iz VEREE well kept up az R de grounds & de art werk on de wallz iz amazing !!!!!! ♥♥♥

  8. What a fun day you've had Speedy!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  9. What a wonderful outing! Beautiful day for it, too :-) Well done, Speedy!

  10. I understand why it is your favorite wood Speedy. It's a nice place.
    I would like so much to meet horses !

  11. You sure are an adventurous bunny. Far braver than me. But, then again, I'm stuck inside.

  12. Speedy your adventures make us feel so happy :) Tell your Mama happy Mother's Day for us!
    Marty and the Gang


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