Sunday 19 December 2021

Gosh it's the last Sunday before Christmas!

 Hello Blogville it you one and only Little Miss Titch!

Gosh its the Last Sunday before Christmas! Not a creature was stirring through out the house "Giggles" well that's not entirely true....I was stirring! Time to share some more Christmas Adventures with you all and our Christmas Card too! But first our really local Garden centre... more of a nursery really but its still looks Christmassy this is Pound Garden centre just up the road from us

And then this happened...

I wasn't impressed I can tell you! Then Mummy finished these, some were gifts and the big one was for us,I didn't know Mummy did such a thing as Christmas cake for humans....

Well that's All for today as mummy has to load some videos that she took so you can see them so till she's done that and before I forget the Link below is our Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card to you all

                       XOXO Little Miss Titch


  1. Hoppy Holidays from the Carter Crew, little Miss Titch!

  2. If you come back and your Christmas cakes are a bit messy, it is only because we took a few bites of each ~ yummy!
    And we also took a pretty tree from the garden center to place in our apartment!
    And we also snuggled a bit with Miss Titch and Santa (but no one took a photo of us doing that!)
    So, all in all ... it was fun to visit today ... and last, but not least ... we LOVED your Christmas card, and thank you ...
    Merry Christmas, little Miss Titch, enjoy your 1st one ... and good wishes to all your family. Holiday hugs, Ann and June

  3. Thank you for the card. It made lady smile. Those trees are amazing. The cakes look even better. We aren't sure about the Santa . . . Lee and Phod

  4. How did Santa get that sun tan?

  5. That Garden Center looks amazing! We know you'll enjoy your first Christmas sweet Titch.

  6. What a lovely card! Thank you.

  7. Thank you for that lovely card!

    Your Garden center sure is festive and beautiful!
    Titch, enjoy your first Christmas! You will love it...but I hope you don't have to sit on any more scary Santa laps...LOL!

  8. How great that you got to meet Santa. We hope you told him all your wishes and they all come true. Those cakes look so festive and yummy and we love all the decorations on them.

  9. The decorations on the cakes are adorable.

  10. Happy Holidays sweetie pie! I, Marv have been trying to get Mom to get us out visiting our furrends. (She had a reaction to her 3rd Jab). But when I heard that you got to go on an adventure and you sat on Santa's lap! And LOOK at all those lovely trees! (but none of them compare to you sweetheart_ I send you loads of love and wish you the best Christmas EVER!!! Whisker kisses and head bonks YOUR Marv

  11. Thanks for sharing the beautiful trees from the garden center and your Mum's lovely cakes.

  12. Oh my Miss Titch you have been busy. Just hopping about to see all these beautiful lights would tire you out. They are all worth the effort though.
    Did your mom really make those beautiful cakes? Nah! If she did she is way talented beyone belief. Our mom drives to the store unless dad bakes.
    This is our first visit to your blog and we love it.


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