Thursday 12 October 2023

News and new Looks from Little Miss Titch

 Hello Blogville it's your one and only gossip bunny with all the latest from my neck of the woods...As you can see we've done a few changes to the look of my blog now that Autumn is truly here and with a little help thanks to Aunty Ann over at Zoolatry she made 2 new Headers for me to use

I thought I would use the Top one for now as it is a bit more in keeping with the time of year and of course Little Louie and Jo-Jo is on it too but I love both headers...So Thank You Aunty Ann, you're amazing.

The weather here has been a bit screwed up here after having more autumnal weather we jumped back to summer with a little heat wave and this weekend we're about to jump in to full on autumn and may be a little wintry depending on where one is in the UK with snow up in the highlands of scotland and frosty but dry everywhere else. I did manage to go on a little adventure during the heat wave...

I'm not sure what Little Louie will think of the weather when he comes home....Where's Little Louie you ask?  Well he's back up the vets with Lungworm and Roundworm having treatment and The vet has decided after talking to a hedgehog hospital to do surgery on his blind eye and remove it so he doesn't injure it again so he will be staying up at the vets for the time being while he's having his treatment and surgery. Mummy has to ring on Friday to get an update on how he is but for now here are some photo's that mum took after weighing him this week....

And what about Jo-Jo you ask? Well she has been coming around most days some days twice in a day. She likes Little Louie's food so she tries to get it out of the food station so mum gives her the bowl so she can help herself to what she wants...

And what about Mum you ask? Well She is still decorating the Lounge, she said its slow going because she has to do a bit at a time which means moving furniture, then striping the wallpaper off the wall and then fixing the wall so its good enough to paint ,she has even had to plaster some of it too. But she did say it would be finished in time to put all the christmas stuff up and then you will all be in for a surprise when you see the big reveal! So that's all the news for now until we get an up date on Little Louie

                                                              xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. We love your new header. Aunty Ann is so talented. I hope Little Louie is on the mend, and we are so happy that you found each other so that eye can get taken care of. That is one lucky hedge-piggie!

  2. I got three new headers to use from Miss Ann as of these days I will use the next one we have.
    POTP for Louie!
    And Jo-Jo is smart to come to you for yummies, even if they are the hedgie's noms, LOL!

    Looking good Miss Titch, and we know all the hard work in the lounge will be for a wonderful new decor!

  3. WOW sweet Titch, your new header looks totally amazing! I'm glad you're having lots of fun. Thank you so much for your kind words on the passing of our dear Brian. We all sincerely appreciate your kindness.

    Dad Terry

  4. What a cute header Aunty Ann made for you. We have our paws crossed that little Louie recovers quickly from his surgery and treatments and can come home soon.

  5. Furabuluss fotoss Couzin Titch!!! Wee two, have head weerd weather....rained fore 7 days an nitess an then Fursday an today it was sunny an pleasant.
    Wee apposta get more rain over weekend...UCKY!
    Littel Louie wee sorry you sick again!! Man this hedgey got issuess......wee hope yore surgery goess well. POTP to you Louie! Aunty yore a **STAR** fore carin for Hedgey'ss an all critterss.
    An look at JoJo!!! What a furabuluss Birdie!
    Aunty wee hope you pacin yoreself with THE reedeckoratin ;)
    Give our eegardss to Unkell Nick fore us!
    ***paw kissess*** BellaDharma an {{{hugss}}} BellaSita Mum

  6. Hi Titch! We love your beautiful new header. Miss Ann is so talented, isn't she? We are glad you are all doing okay. Thank you for catching is up!

  7. Oh, and we're purring and praying for a successful surgery for Louie. XO

  8. Hopefully Louie is feeling better soon. Ugh, removing wallpaper is the worst chore! We did that years ago and also had a room where we had to re-texture the walls before painting. I bet your mom will have the room looking wonderful soon.

  9. Oh, I love those headers! You guys are too cute! Sending lots of love Louie's way for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.


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