Thursday 7 April 2016

Speedy's Movie day!

Hello my friends its time for another Movie day today!We have 2 new adventures for your viewing pleasure the first one is at Cadover Bridge and the second one is at my favourite area on the moors but a little further over among all the gorse bushes as it was a bit windy for a bit of shelter.Anyway sit back and enjoy the show!

Well that's all folks!Hope you enjoyed my Show!


  1. We don't know Which we liked better the MOVIE... or the Title...
    Speedy EXPLORES the MOORS... THAt tickles our fancy..

  2. You certainly had fun exploring, Speedy!

  3. We love watching you sniff around with your little sweater on
    Lily & Edward

  4. Loved them both! Also, now I know how you got your name . . .
    You just 'zoom - zoom' whenever the mood hits!
    Glad you had fun, I did!
    Love you, Speedy!

  5. speedy...dood...grate moovees again two day...we see poneez like de moorz two....we waz surprized ta see all thoz flowerz... az it lookz kinda like winter still !~! ♥♥♥

  6. Aren't you the most hugable bunny in your warm little blue jacket. Speedy, I LOVE YOU!

  7. You are quite the brave explorer Speedy and so adorable.

  8. Yippee!!! Yous in the movies is my favorite!!!
    Mes even gots Mommy to casts the YouTubes to the Television so mes could sees yous on the big screen!

  9. Cadover seems like it needs a wind farm and it will solve the world's energy problems.

  10. Well that looked like a lot of good smells. Took 2 bags of popcon and BIG slurpee!!!

  11. Those look like they were wonderful adventures, Speedy! Good to see you were wearing your warm sweater and finding good things to nibble on.

  12. Speedy, what are those yellow flowers growing along the edges of the path? purrs


    1. they are called Gorse bushes my friend,xx Speedy

  13. Awww pal, you are so cute in your little blue sweater. We love your movies. We have also heard about Moors, but never knew what it was. Now we've seen one. Thanks for taking us on the adventure with you.

  14. That was a nice big bunch of fun Speedy!

  15. I'm always amazed at all the fun adventures you get to have.
    It looks like you're enjoying the extra freedom of your retractable leash.


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