Wednesday 23 January 2019

New Update on Mr Mickey The Hedgehog

So the saga continues,Mr Mickey had another trip to the vets today for another Lungworm injection.He was weighed and he has put on a little bit of weight so he is now at 742gr which is still a good weight but he did lose a little over a 100gr.He still has his snotty nose but his lungs sound clear so it look like the lungworm has cleared up.The vet gave him a good look over so Mr Mickey had the final lungworm injection and now he is on a course of antibiotics so he had an antibiotic injection today,he then gets another on Friday and another on Monday.He's not curling up because of the snotty nose and he keeps sneezing and he is still coming out in the day for a little snack and a drink so He still has some way to go before he is well again but any progress is good so a little yay is allowed.Mummy is going to set the webcam up tonight so we can see how he is doing and show you guys too.


  1. We hope Mr. Mickey keeps doing well, we're purring for him!

  2. Will keeps on **purrin** an purrayin fore Mickey Hedgeyhog!!
    Aunty Rachel yore so kind an lovelee!
    An Speedy wee look forward to see Mickey on cam.
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  3. Hope that Mickey continues to improve, what a sad picture i have of him unable to curl up because he keeps sneexing....

  4. I'm happy to hear that Mickey is continuing to improve! I am purring that he will be ALL better soon!

  5. We send Mickey healing purrs and hope he feels better soon. Purrs

  6. We're glad Mickey is making some progress. We'll keep purring and praying for him to feel better and better!

  7. Maybe he needs some chicken soup? SQUAAAAAAWK. What am I saying?

  8. Charlee: "We're glad to hear Mr. Mickey is improving."
    Chaplin: "Keep up the good work, all of you!"

  9. I am so glad that Mr Mickey is getting better! I shall keep him in my Purrayers.


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