Sunday, 17 February 2019

Sunday Selfies...Garden report!

Hi everyone!Hope you're all having a splendid Sunday whatever you're doing today.Mummy gave me my Castle back because I chewed some bits on my Teepip so she needed to do a repair job so I have already bunstructed  the castle again...hehehe...

Now that I have my Selfies out of the way it's on to the Garden report!Yesterday Morning when Mummy woke up which was around 4am she brought me in for a cuddle but because the window was open she could here this funny noise....Hedgehogs!We know the Reggie has been visiting but we wonder if another was there because the ruckus outside is normally when you have more than one in the garden and they have a bit of a heated discussion about who has first dibs on food.Then this morning Mummy went to get the bowl for cleaning and there was fresh poop....always a good sign!Were still waiting for Mickey to come back from the rescue but he's doing well.
Now Mummy has also been hard at work in the back garden doing some tidying and planting some of her pots.She started by cutting back and then planting a carnation from another pot and some primroses to this bed..

 then she planted a new camelia here...
she still has a bit more to do and then it on to the front garden but here are her pots...

 the pots above had 2 different Honeysuckles so she added some primroses and crocus that she moved from the front garden...
 This one she put some daffodils and snowdrops in the back that she moved from the front garden and then some new primroses that dad brought mummy
 This one has an early flowering carnation that mummy got with some birthday money..
 then mummy added some bluebells and a perennial from last year from another pot with some new tulips that daddy brought to go around the apple tree...
 This one mummy put in a new mini pink rose with some of the crocus from the garden..
 This one Mummy added 2 new primroses to this pot with a hibiscus and snowdrops...
 This one has a new mini light pink rose and 2 primroses...which I nibbled on...hehehe...
And this one has snowdrops and primroses that daddy brought...
Then she filled up this antique granite pig trough that belonged to grandma with some primroses,snowdrops,yellow crocus and a pink early flowering carnation.Wow mummy has been busy!And that concludes the Garden report!


  1. Awww, Speedy it has been a long time since we have seen are still adorable as ever. Those plants are beautiful. We are so looking for spring so we can have beautiful plants. Hugs and nose kisses Chancy and Mags

  2. That's a terrific selfie Speedy and the garden area sure is looking very pretty!

  3. Hooray for getting your castle back, Speedy! And we do wonder if the other hedgehogs have been having fun while Mickey has been away? Mummy sure did a nice job on the garden.

  4. Pretty, pretty boy! What sweet selfies my dear! AND MUM, she's already prepared her garden? We have such a long way to go...

  5. Wow, sounds like your garden is busy day and night. We love the fact that the hedgehogs come visiting though I'm not sure Mrs H would appreciate the extra early alarm call, MOL. Those pots look a triumph of planting, so colourful and full of spring cheer to come.

  6. Nice selfie, Speedy ! It already looks like Spring in your garden ! Purrs

  7. Primo selfie beautiful Speedy! The garden is charming, I love those primrose!

  8. Where are the weeds? You can't have a proper garden without weeds.

  9. FLOWERSSS!!!! Purrty lovelee flowerss!!!! And wee have over 3 feet of stu-pid snow!! FISHCAKESS!!! This iss getting old Speedy!
    Hurrah that Reggie iss doin guud at yore place an the Mickey iss getting bettur at THE resckue!!!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  10. The pots are looking pretty. No more nibbling on those leaves though!

  11. All the flowers are so lovely!! It makes me wish spring would hurry up and get here!

  12. Hi Speedy that is one fine garden Mum has. We wish we had the warms here.
    Timmy and Family

  13. You'll have to stop by our blog this week to see our garden. It looks a lot different lol.

  14. Everything is looking so pretty, Speedy - making our Mom wish it were Spring here already.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  15. What a lovely garden! And how cool you have visiting hedgehogs!

  16. SPEEDY!!!!!!!!!!! You came to my blog post! I know, that blue cottage is divine, isn't it! Perfect for a little white rabbit to live in....

  17. You look very nice on your selfies ! And spring seems to be already in your garden ! Hopefully there will be no frost anymore !

  18. It is all going to look absolutely lovely. I love carnations.

  19. How pretty and exciting ...

    Our spring primroses got snowed over and frosted under and blah!!!!


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