Saturday 15 May 2021

Speedy's Road to recovery: March 8th update re-write of an old post about Speedy's foot

  So I was meant to write this for you on the 8th of March but the whole post was deleted by google because some one said there was Malware and viruses on it which personally is a load of crap unless some one planted it in a comment. Lucky for me I publish an identical copy on wordpress to other wise the whole thing would have been lost. So to who ever sabotaged me on this post with blogger shame on you! Here is what I wrote on the 8th of March: It was a weird day, good for Speedy but not so much for us. I'm not going to go in to that here today as this is all about Speedy. After having a little set back in the week where part of his abscess refilled and me having to drain it a couple of times we now can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So we were able to give Speedy a bit of a treat to make him feel better about his ordeal with his foot....

As you can see Speedy is using his foot properly now so we picked this Special spot that had no gorse bushes and kept him to the grassy paths. Now for the Update on his Paw....

As you can see the hole has shrunk to almost nothing with just a small scab and the swelling has almost gone too. It's still a bit tender to touch but it feels more or less like his other paw. We just have to be very careful now so it can continue to heal. And as Speedy was looking so good we took him back to the special place for another treat....

Speedy will probably get another treat today and tomorrow to make the most of the dry weather as Wednesday we are back to wet and windy weather for the rest of the week.
Thank you for all your POTP for Speedy and all the nice messages You're all amazing!

So there you have it, Anyone who wants to put malware and viruses in the comments you need to bugger off because you won't win and you're just plain nasty pieces of pond scum so crawl back under the rock you came from.


  1. I'm so glad Speedy's foot is so close to being completely healed! And how awful that you had issues with Google and getting reported.

  2. I have been getting an alert from Norton on a few of your posts that they are dangerous. Sometimes it is just Norton being over zealous, but also there could be a bad site in your links list causing it. I looked down it and saw you have a lot who haven't posted in many years. When that happens sometimes a suspect site will take over the url and if you click it you get taken there. It may be an idea to delete the old blogs that haven't posted in years. Just a suggestion.
    I am glad Speedy is doing well.

  3. I doubt that the culprit is one of your friends.

  4. Your foot does look better Speedy and we're so glad. We love you Speedy! Hey, that deletion and malware thing was due to a bug on Google's end and they're in the process of fixing it so no pals were being evil.

  5. We're sorry you had issues with Google. We're so glad Speedy's foot is getting better and is almost healed ! Purrs

  6. We send the very best vibes to you and Speedy for a full recovery for our favorite rabbit.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Speedy's lil' foot and toe pads in those photos look like they were starting to heal. I'm sure he thanked you with many cuddles.


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