Tuesday 21 March 2017

Reggie the Hedgehog UPDATE!

Reggie The Hedgehog Up Date!

Well remember the little fella that Mum and Dad rescued?Well we fed him/her and gave him/her a few nest options which Reggie decided under the shed was the perfect spot to nest under.We also fed Reggie until Christmas Day as after that Reggie decided to hibernate for the rest of the winter.
Mummy continued to leave dry cat food and meal worms and fresh water under the shed for him/her in case Reggie woke up.

Well the last couple of weeks we began hearing about Hedgehog sightings on the internet and in the local town....but no sign of Reggie....But yesterday mummy checked the food and water bowls....and guess what? Some of the cat biscuits and all the meal worms were gone and the water bowl had been disturbed too!
And when mummy brought the bowls in to clean and refill she saw little hedgehog paw prints on the side of the bowl.Mum was hoping she wasn't wrong and that Reggie had woken up.So with that hope she refilled the bowls with fresh food and water.....only this time she put wet cat food with some cat biscuits and meal worms on top and put them under the shed!

Well the good News is Reggie has definitely woken up....The bowl was practically empty when mummy checked it this afternoon.....so the bowls have been refilled and put back under the shed.The down side is its gone like winter again.....we had a big hail storm and it turned everything white and there is snow on the moors!What a time for Reggie to wake up!Still we shall keep feeding him/her because Hedgehogs can lose almost half their body weight when they hibernate.So for the next few weeks we will fatten Reggie up before opening up the back garden so that he/she has a good start.Then Reggie can explore the front garden as well and then leave or stay if he or she wants too,But for now we will give you regular updates and mummy said she will try to get a photo if she can.But we think at the moment Reggie is just chowing down on the food we are giving and then going back to sleep as He/She must be pretty weak from Hibernating.....so watch out for more Up Dates!

Disapproving Bun Day will be back Next week!


  1. We are sure glad you are taking care of whatever Reggie needs.

  2. speedy....dood...itz total lee awesum mum iz lookin out for N carin for reggie...we noe him apurrecaitz it az well...blessingz two her for doin sew ( tho frank lee we can think oh other stuff ta use wermz for...ya noe ! } ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  3. I am glad Reggie is eating well. He must be glad he found your place for his hibernation.

  4. YEAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Reggie made it through the Winter. Your mom deserves a DOUBLE A+ fur taking such good care of her/him..
    We are REALLY HAPPY that there were signs of his/her survival.

  5. Yay! I'm glad Reggie is waking up and eating.

  6. Aunty Rachel yur thee sweetest kindest Lady to take care of Reggie!!! May Buudha Kat bless you all wayss....
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  7. What a great update. This is very exciting. I can't wait to see the little guy/girl wandering around your garden!

    Love and licks,

  8. Forget the cat food, From personal expience, sunflower seeds work best.

  9. Just like me! Wake up - eat - look around - go back to sleep! Repeat - repeat - repeat ... Wait for warmer!

  10. Reggie has been so lucky to have you and your Mum help him be strong and healthy before he sets off on his big start in life. Hopefully your winter that keeps coming back (!) will finally be gone and Reggie can be TOTALLY ready for adventures. We'll be anxious to hear another update!

    Hugs, Angel Sammy and Teddy

  11. Good morning dearest Speedy! Mum has been such a great care-giver and now Reggie is ready for some outdoor action! LOVE YOU Speedy!

  12. How cool to have news from that little guy ! Reggie is lucky to have your help. Purrs

  13. Yay! It's good to know that Hedgie is up and about after his winter hibernation.

  14. That's good news. Reggie is alive and hungry.
    We hope that he went back to sleep. Cold weather is bad form him.

    1. Reggie can't go back to sleep as he won't have the fat reserves for it but,he is eating up a storm!Mummy is making sure the little fella has plenty of food to eat,xx Speedy

  15. Yippee for Reggie and for your Mum! We are very excited to see how Reggie does when spring really comes to your house.

  16. hello speedy its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am glad yore frend reggie the hedjhog is up and abowt and dooing wel!!! hay if yoo see him cud yoo tel him to ask the ninja hedjhogs to lay off me for a wile??? why kant they all be as nice like reggie??? ok bye

  17. Great news! Good luck, Reggie, enjoy the yammies, you need them <3


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