Monday 29 November 2021

Happy Chanukkah to all our friends who celebrate

 Yesterday I believe was the start of Chanukkah for our Friends and Family who Celebrate this Holiday. We didn't get to make a new card from Little Miss Titch so please click on the link to view a special Jacquie Lawson card from us. There are no adverts on these card as it is a subscription service that I use. When you take a look you will see why.

Jacquie Lawson Chanukkah Card from Little Miss Titch

Happy Chanukkah to you all!

and Yes more Kisses from me! XOXO Little Miss Titch


  1. that is super sweet and so many thanks for our card... even when we not celebrate, to think about those who do and to wish them a good day is a good way to be together...

  2. Jacquie's card bee de best titch !!!! this one iz awesum; thanx for sharin with all oh uz ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. Happy Chanukkah to all our pals too. You sure look cute sweet Titch!

  4. Does this holiday come with sunflower seeds?

  5. that card is BEAUTIFUL and I deeply thank you for your thoughtfulness xoxo

  6. We always love your beautiful animated cards you send from Jacquie Lawson. You are so cute, Miss Titch.


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