Sunday 1 May 2022

May Day Bank Holiday Weekend!

 Hello Blogville, Its time for a catch up with your one and only Gossip Bunny. After a rest from the work we bunnies do for Easter I thought it was time to get back to work. There's been some sad news and some great news but I guess I'll start with the bad...

One of the Hedgehogs was seen on the trail camera with a bad injury to its right front leg so Mummy had to check the nest boxes to see if it was sleeping in one, it was so our vet nurse friend dropped by to pick it up on her way to work. Mummy knew it was badly infected but hoped it could be treated and saved but sadly no the infection was to bad and the Hedgehog was to ill and in so much pain that it had to PTS. Mummy was upset to lose one of our prickly visitors but she knew at least it wasn't suffering any more. On the good news we have lots of healthy prickles coming and another sleeping in the boxes. This one is small Mummy said but looked to be healthy and in good shape. She saw it yesterday in one of the food stations when she was filling up the bowls with fresh food and water. The little prickle was eating the last of the food from the night before.....She was running late and didn't expect to see one as it was still light and only 7pm. So when she lifted the lid on the box she carefully lift the empty bowl out and put a full one in for it to munch on which it did as she quietly put the lid back on. She will keep an eye on the little prickle to make sure it doesn't come out in the day proper as that would mean something is wrong. Mummy told me that a prickle coming out at 7pm while still light is ok because it would come out then in winter too which it normal. Mummy said that the only time its ok for a prickle to come out in the main day time  in late spring and summer is if its moving with purpose because that means its a mum either looking for a nest site to have her babies or she's out looking for food while her babies are sleeping....

The other good news is the Baby pigeons were released but one decided it wasn't ready to leave its human  mummy so she looked after it for a few more days before it was released again after coming back and landing on her shoulder. And Jack the Jackdaw has regrown his tale feathers so now we just have to wait for the long wing feathers to grow back...

The reason Mummy was running late with the Hedgehogs food was because she needed to finish building a new surround for the raised bed as the old one was falling to bits...with a little help from me *Giggles* and yesterday was the best time to remove the old one around the soil as it had shrunk back a bit thanks to the long spell of dry weather and also because its raining today and she would have to wait for it to dry out again. She also has nearly finished making the new little fence in the bottom on the garden all she needs to do is build a little gate and then it can be left open at night for the Hedgehogs to explore and then closed in the day to keep me out so I don't eat anything I shouldn't. Talking of food its time for a spot of lunch...

Mummy has start decorating the Kitchen too so I guess she will be doing more of that today seeing as its raining. Mummy say this rain is ok because we need it for the garden, and it will help everything grow for all the wildlife so I guess it ok! Anyway I'm going to continue with my lunch I hope your May Day Weekend is going to be great!

                                           xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. We are sorry about the little prickle that didn't make it, but so glad the others seem to be okay. And the pigeons too.
    And your good self, of course.
    We hope to see you at Our Barbecue on Fursday.

  2. Gosh, you and your Mom have sure been busy ... but that's what spring is all about ~ refreshing the gardens, repairing winters' roughness and making sure all new life is cared for! And you do it so well! Be sure you take a little bit of time for Titch-Play, bunnies need that too ... bye now, little friend.

  3. Enjoy your lunch, sweet Titch.

    We were so sad to read about that little hedgehog going to the Bridge.

  4. Titch, I loved every word. I lost track of you once Feed Burer went away. XXXX and I enjoyed learning more about the Prickles and thank you to your mummy for helping them.

  5. so sorry about your hedgehog friend. Like Katie above, I no longer get your blog either (can only see it if Blog Lovin' shares it). Hope everyone is well!

  6. Sorry little prickly dude is now a prickly little angel/cherub.

    Nice to hear you like to raid the garden, Titch! LOL!

  7. You sure have been busy keeping all those little prickly friends happy. We're sorry about the one but at least he didn't have to suffer any longer. We hope Jack can come home to you soon.

  8. titch !!! even catz like "grazz" !!! we iz sorree two lurn bout yur friend ♥♥♥

  9. It sounds like your human is very busy with all the wildlife around your place, Titch! That is sad about the hedgehog that didn't make it.

  10. I am so late with this I am early for next week so I am sorry. Family and then friend issues intervened but the Dash Kitten Crew are here now.

    You had some bad news about one of your hedgehogs I know BUT you did the right thing OK? The little creature is no longer suffering in pain (we don't like it so they won't either - right?). You are going great guns with the safety work for the other hedgehogs even though you can't nibble their food. I am surprised Mum didn't collapse is a heap after all that work!

  11. Sorry I'm late but what a busy spring you all are having, Titch! I'm so sorry about the little hedgehog. I'm glad your Mummy and her friends were there for him though


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