Tuesday 24 May 2022

The travels of a gossip bunny!

 Hello Blogville! Its your one and only Gossip Bunny Little Miss Titch sharing all the gossip on my travels last week. Gosh there was a lot going on last week!!!! I had my 1st Birthday, then week had the anniversary of Angel Speedy( AKA Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny) crossing of the Rainbow Bridge and to top it all I went on a proper holiday with beaches!!!! I know That's is a lot to cover isn't it?

So where do I start....Hmm I guess we better Start with Monday last week. Well Monday Mummy packed up the car with so much stuff for me and for her and for dad...Who knew mummy could fit so much stuff in to that little Car? Suzie well she was full that's all I can say, I never knew Suzie could hold so much stuff....Lets just say Mummy fits stuff in like a Jigsaw puzzle...is a talent I never knew she had! And then she bundled me up in the carrier so fast I did even have time to ask where we are going? Gosh I didn't even know we were going anywhere till that moment! Anyway after a little bit of a drive we ended up somewhere in Cornwall, the car was unpacked, everything was put away and my pen was set up quick smart....Another Talent Mummy has!...

Before I knew it I was chilling in my pen with Mummy telling me that we were having a holiday and there was lots of fun adventure ahead!

Then the very next day after an early morning walk around the Holiday Park we were of on our first adventure

To Daymer Bay... I had so much fun running up and down the Beach and digging in the sand!

Then in the Afternoon we went to another Beach but it clouded up and be came a bit wet.....I got so wet but I didn't want to stop running about....

Gosh I was tired after all that but the very next day the sun was out so we went back to that beach at Polzeath...

And of course I went running about again in the sand...there's something about running about with the feel of sand on your paws!

 and then Mummy said we should do a selfie with the sea at our backs!

It was a bit breezy but so nice! then we went up on the cliffs...

What a fun way to Celebrate My Birthday followed by lots of cuddles and snacks! Then the very next day Mummy said we had to do something for Angel Speedy to Mark his Anniversary of going to the Bridge...We both said Sand Dunes so we went to a great place for Sand Dunes...

We came here to Rock, it was perfect and our last day before going home so I said to mummy time for me to pay homage to Angel Speedy and do what he did and loved best exploring the Dunes!

And here is Angel Speedy doing what he love Best...

And There you have it my first proper Holiday as a real life Beach Bunny! Just like Angel Speedy Was!

                                               xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. What a wonderful and magical place for your "first holiday", it was fun to see you enjoying it so, so much. And a very special way to remember dear Speedy and his love of the outdoors and the seaside, we have always missed his adventures ... but happy you, little Titch, can follow in his path now.

  2. lovez two ewe speedy ♥♥♥ and titch a most happee furst birth day two ewe; heerz two a yeer a head filled with happeez healtheez timothee hay N carrotz...yur holly dayz bee awesum...thanx for sharin de fotoz oh de beach.... ♥♥♥
    hopin ewe seez thiz commint sinz they bee flyin off inta cyburr space late lee~~~

  3. It looks like you had a fun time! Happy Birthday sweet Titch. We'll always remember our pal Angel Speedy.

  4. Wow, looks like you had fun! Happy birthday!

  5. Wow, a great way to celebrate Miss Titch! Your Birthday and Titche's Angel Day.
    There are pawsome beaches and dunes where you were.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. What a lovely post! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday and such a nice way to remember Speedy! Lovely quiet beaches too, I'd have expected them to be busier down in Cornwall (I've not been there for many years)

  7. What a great adventure you had Miss Titch. You did a fine job of honoring Angel Speedy on the Dunes.

  8. What a busy little bunny you were Titch! What a great holiday you had! Love from the Carter Crew ❤

  9. Looks like a great holiday. The beaches looked wonderful, I can understand why you wanted to run up and down them. Happy 1st Birthday Titch.


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