Sunday 13 August 2023

A Funny old week

 Hello Blogville it's your one and only Gossip Bunny with all the latest from my neck of the woods. You know this week has been a funny old week going from chilly stormy weather to warm humid showery to warm humid dry days and then back to cooler wet and showery days. Now supposedly it is forecast to get better for a few days this coming week but that keeps changing from a nice whole week to just half a week and going back to rain by the end of the week, so we will see how that plays out.

Little Louie went to the vets this week to get his right eye checked as it didn't look normal. The long and the short of it is that when he was found the eye must have been injured and then with the mange and fly strike it has been permanently damaged and he is completely bling in that eye as for his left eye well that one looks normal but Hedgehogs can't see that well. Basically they are very short sighted and rely mainly on their sense of smell and hearing. but They are nocturnal so they do need to see the difference between daylight and nighttime so that they aren't out during the day when they are vulnerable to birds, cars and other dangers. Little Louie keeps coming out in the day and not much at night so he has been in the greenhouse for the last couple of days to try and get him to switch to being active at night and sleeping during the day so far that isn't happening. And he's had to learn the lay out of the greenhouse and was bumping into things because of his impaired vision. So now he is running about all day from when it gets light to about 8.30pm in the evening before going to bed which is not good. But its only been a couple of days so Mummy said we have to give him more time to adjust but if he doesn't adjust we may not be able to release him fully to the wild and that he may have to stay in the back garden or we find someone who has a safe enclosed garden to live in. But for now it is a waiting game to see if he adjust back to a normal keep your fingers crossed for Little Louie because we want him to be fully wild.

Yesterday was my dads Birthday and Jo-Jo the crow came up to see us and wish daddy a happy birthday. Mummy's friend who looks after her told her to come up and visit and to wish daddy a happy birthday. Dad was so happy because Jo-Jo hasn't been up for a while. She is still Molting so still looks a bit scruffy but she has grown, she look really big now. She's such a beautiful bird.

Mummy has started cutting back the bushes in the garden now that the birds have stopped nesting and she's shifting furniture in the lounge so she can carry on stripping wallpaper and start painting and me well I have just been going out in the garden in between showers so that's all for now

                                                        xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. Hi and hello Miss Titch ... Little Louie and Jo-Jo ... we wish all well and happy to hear from you. (BTW, check your email please and get back to us ... OK?)

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad! How fun that Jo-Jo came for a visit just for his big day. We have our paws crossed for Little Louie. It's good to hear that you are doing well and enjoying your time in the garden when you can.

  3. Paws and spines crossed Little Louie gets sorted with his daylight and nightlight hours. Being partially blind must be confussing to him, maybe he is even compensating for it in his own way. Still, being adopted to a nice gardeen would be a happy ever after if things dont settle.
    Happy B-Day to your dad! And happy decorating and gardening too.

  4. Hope your dad had a great day! Happy gardening to your mum. Lee and Phod back from our break

  5. Hopefully he'll adjust back to being nocturnal. And happy birthday to your dad!

  6. Happy Birthday to your Daddy from all of us! Poor Little-Louie.

  7. Little Louie iss so cute Aunty Rachel......wee sorry hiss eye iss blind an hee iss so confused about nite an day. is there a Hedgeyhog Rescue place there?? Wee figure not an you ae "IT"! Iss Momma H still with youss'? Wee have lost track of Hedgey'ss at yore p;ace!
    Wee hope Unkell Nick had a Guud was so kewl of JoJo to come CROWSS are smart aren't they?
    Titch wee have had same weerd weather as you...not sure if it iss Summer or Autumm from one day to tHE next!!!
    Wee love youss' so much an miss youss two!
    ~~~~head rubss~~~~BellaDharma~~~~ an {{{{{hugss}}}}} BellaSita Mum

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad, Miss Titch!
    And how fun that Jo-Jo came to give her greetings as well!

    We hope Louie will figure out that he's supposed to be nocturnal...


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