Thursday 3 August 2023

Where Has Miss Summer Gone? Part 2

 Hello Blogville it's your one and only gossip bunny with all her latest adventures and wondering thoughts on where Miss Summer has gone. As I said yesterday May came and for the most part was lovely, then June came in very warm even hot at times.I would spend every day in the garden or going on some adventure depending on how hot each day was. And then July came wet, windy and wild with below average temperatures. It's now August and so for we have had very little change, we're due more wet, windy and wild weather over the weekend again and as for the long term I'm not going to hold my breath for any improvement. Miss Summer has abandoned us here and Miss Autumn has taken up residence in her place, I'm just waiting for the leaves to start dropping early now. Mum Said that Mr El nino is play games with us all and he's not playing nice!

So here are a couple of adventures I have had just from a couple of odd dry days....Starting with a little bit of fun and Shaugh Prior by the river

Then on another day we went to Badgersholt at Dartmeet

And lastly Tuesday we went to Buckfast Abbey where I was aloud in the Abbey Church in my stroller though mum didn't take any photos of me in there so not to draw attention to me and upset anyone we also had a spot of lunch at the restaurant too...

So that has been my July...Mu has even started decorating the lounge because the weather has been awful which she was going to start in the Autumn...Yep Miss Autumn has taken up residence here!

                                                              xoxo Little Miss Titch


  1. What lovely and peaceful places youu wentt to, Miss Titch. Beautiful pictures!

  2. The weather might not be very summer like, but you have some beautiful places to visit near your home. How nice that they let you in the church in your stroller.

  3. You sure were having lots of fun out there sweet Titch, I like the creek area, it looks very peaceful.


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