Thursday 30 April 2015

Speedy's Movie Day

Welcome to today's Movie Day!We have 2 movies of me in the woods and 1 from my trip to Badgers Holt today.Mummy has a new smart phone so she's been having a little trouble with uploading stuff from it so there will be more to come.Anyway sit back with your snacks and enjoy them all!

As the upload is taking time here are some photo's from today!

and there's the Clapper bridge there are some more but they are still uploading!


  1. Sweetie!!!!!
    Have a nice weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What did you smell that was so interesting Speedy?

  3. dood !!! ewe had sum speed in mewvie two !!!! 984 paws up... ( we had sum trubullz with mewvie computerz heer two day iz ona spazz fest } N we iz total lee lovin de last fotoz it bee way awesum N what a kewl place to visit ♥♥♥

  4. You certainly keep your mum on her toes... trying to keep up with you...
    My goodness you had yourself Quite a Buffet there, buddy. We love watching you nibble your way through the forest...

  5. do you always find foods to munch on....Oh and we think you and Bites may be related...he also loves to keep his furs clean and in place!

    The Mad Scots

  6. You weren't very Speedy today.

  7. What a pretty place to go for a hop, Speedy! My human hasn't taken me out all week - she needs to do that.

  8. You're sure having fun, Speedy! Mum knows Badgers Holt and Clapper Bridge very well!

  9. A beautiful production Director Speedy, extraordinaire, who also writes his screenplays and acts! teeehehehhe....and I loved your tum-tum yesterday. That was soooo darling. I hope mummy is enjoying her new phone. Sometimes these new gadgets take a while to learn!

    Have a splendid Friday my friends!

  10. Speedy that's such a wonderful place... it's like being in a story of Arthur Conan Doyle... and you were there in the furs... pawsome!!!
    easy rider

  11. Speedy! Mes LOVES watching yous in action!
    Special Nellie Kisses
    Your Special Nellie Bellie

  12. Looks like good eats at Badger's Holt.

    Too bad you have to pull that big thing on a leash around, Speedy, Can't you just leave them somewhere and come back get them later?

  13. OMD!!! How fun!!! You knows what??? I don't even gets to go to the woods!!!!!!
    man, can I come live with you??? I only eats a LITTLE more than you....okays, that's a lie! I eats LOTS more! BOL They'll never notice, right?
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I also come with my own margarita machine!! ☺


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