Thursday 23 February 2017

February is Adopt a bunny Month!

Yes its the Month of February which means it is Adopt a Bunny Month!Which means February is not just the Month to celebrate love.
 And even though Bunnies are the 3rd most popular pet approximately 75% of bunnies in shelters and rescues are owner surrenders and the top reasons for these surrenders are the family has lost interest in taking care of them or they don't have the ability to care for them.
And after Easter is the worst time for these surrenders.Parents buy cute little baby bunnies for their children as presents only to get rid of them because the children neglect them or because the bunny is scare of getting hurt so it bites or its just to much hard work to look after them.The bunnies and that is the lucky ones end up in shelters and rescues the unlucky ones end up on sites like criaglist and gumtree or end up being dumped in parks,woods and our streets to fend for them selves where they end up starving or become the prey of other animals unless some one finds them and takes them to a shelter or rescue.Lots of bunnies that end up in shelters or rescues end up being euthanized because they have to many to cope with and don't have any other option.
 Rabbits are often mistaken for Rodents but they actually are in the family Leporidea the order of Lagomorpha along with Pikas and Hares.Females are called Does and males are called Bucks,and Babies are called Kittens.....just like baby cats!

For their Diet 80% should be hay with the remainder made up with big leafy greens and grass and a few pellets and fresh water.They need a safe place to live in with lots a space so that they can run and place for several hours of the day indoors.......
or a safe outdoors garden.......
And they need lots of company from either a another bun or from you or even other pets.And most importantly you need a vet who specializes in rabbits not all vets do and you need to do lots of research on the care of rabbits and their needs because bunnies can live 8 to 12 years or even longer.
If you can do all of that then go on get you self to a shelter or rescue and adopt a bunny!Because Bunnies can be the greatest pets and you will have a life with them that is filled with so much laughter and love as your reward.


  1. speedy...dood.....awesum post.....we have sum palz that livez out west in AZ.... N ther dad waz ona hike N finded a bun out in de middle oh noe wear....thanx full lee they waz abe bull two help de bun....her namez coconut; N her livez with three catz N haz done sew for like two yeerz now !! ♥♥♥

  2. I didn't know so many ended up in shelters. So sad. Wish I could have a bunny but; I have kitties.
    Sue B

  3. I (Frankie) well remember when STUPID peeps turned 3 Charcoal Bunnies Loose to TRY to Fend fur themselves on our Ohio Hill. Since I happen to LOVE bunnies... I took them in... showed them where to Live under both of our porches and I made sure that Mom put food and water out fur them every day. She NEVER EVER TOUCHED them.. since they were MY furends... not HERS.
    Sadly, One went to the Road rather quickly and the other to Eventually Passed On... butt the Final one stayed with me fur ALMOST TWO YEARS. I was SOOOOOOO sad when he "LEFT". we Loved to Nap together under the maple tree... I would dig nice cool holes fur each of us... and we would sleep Side by Side fur HOURS.
    We wish peeps would NOT take Bunnies without RESEARCHING your NEEDS thoroughly.
    THIS is an EXCELLENT Post Speedy.

  4. We hope lots and lots of bunnies get adopted Speedy, you are a super advocate and are bunny purrfect!

  5. My male peep wants to adopt a Playboy bunny. Where does he sign up?

  6. Kitties and bunnies can get along! Make Mine Chocolate!

    Keep getting the word out Speedy!

  7. What an important post, Speedy! Our vet clinic actually has a bunny specialist and helps rescue bunnies.

  8. We did not know so much of what you told us, especially that baby bunnies are also called kittens. We feel so sorry for all the bunnies that are owner surrendered or turned out to fend for themselves. We also didn't know that buns are the third most popular pet. Thanks for filling us in Speedy. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  9. You and Michelle from Raspberry Rabbits are the best bunny mums I know. The care and also the honest truth you both have shared about the care of these precious creatures shows your expertise and love for them. I ADORE THEM, but with our lifestyle of being busy teachers, we just know we can't give the kind of attention and care that any sweet creature deserves. LOVE YOU SPEEDY!

  10. YAY for buns! I too didn't know the babies were called kittens but that is just SO SWEET and baby bunnies are adorable. But like ALL pets they are looking for a FOREVER HOME and not a "until I get big and you don't want me anymore" home. There are WAY TOO MANY of those!

    Love, Angel Sammy

  11. We will get one, one day
    Lily & Edward

  12. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about buns! We didn't know much of that and our Mom wished she had known it when she was a little girl who once found an abandoned rabbit.

  13. Great post, Speedy. I can't get over that many people think they can just let a domesticated rabbit out to fend for themselves. They think that baby rabbit will survive in all types of weather.

    We rescued a bunny 10 years ago that was living behind a gas station in the middle of the hottest summer of all times. Our temps were over 100 degrees and the white bunny was drinking the water that was coming from the air conditioner unit. It took a while to catch him since he was a wild/terrified buck but he learned that all people were not bad and lived an additional 5 years happily with dogs.

    1. Thanks Carma and Bunny,you guys do amazing work too,xx Speedy

  14. hello speedy its dennis the vizsla dog hay this is a gud annownsments!!! i kant beleev peepul wood just dump there pet owt in the wuds or feelds as if it wer a wild animal how wel wood a hyooman do if sumbuddy dumpd them owt in the middel of the forest with no fud or shelter??? not very!!! ok bye

  15. Wonderful information Speedy! Mommy's first encounter with a pet rabbit was when she was 6. Her friend had a dog, a cat, akunk and a rabbit. They all got along wwll. Especially the rabbit and the cat!
    Mes KNOWS that yous and mes would gets aling purrfectly!


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