Thursday 8 June 2017

Carma our New Star in heaven

Last week we heard the sad news that Carma Poodale left for the Rainbow Bridge.Our Friend had been in decline for a while but had rallied for a time,she even managed to go to Blogpaws one more time and see all her pals.
Everyone who know's Carma is going to miss that grand old Gal may she burn bright in the heavens above!
Borrowed from Carma
Please hop on over to her Facebook page or her blog Carma to send your Well wishes to her mama and her family

                               Run Free Till we Meet again Sweet Carma!


  1. It was such a shock when Carma went. She used to be such a good Twitter pal on #petchat and then we met her for real at BlogPaws last year. What a shock Speedy.

    Thank you to you and your Mum for your kind words after we lost Dusty. They mean a lot to mum, she misses him and his strong personality more than words can say. He was a real movie star - we just hope he realised how much he was loved by us.

    Thank you Speedy.

  2. I was so very sad to see this - my human and I met Carma at BlogPaws when we went the past two years (we missed this one). She was a very, very special poodle and an important part of the blogosphere.

  3. Ohhhh, it's always a stop-in-your-tracks moment when a beloved friend leaves for the Rainbow Bridge, but the love they take with them remains in our lives. Hugs to all.

  4. We were sad to hear about dear Carma and we were sad we missed seeing her at BlogPaws this year.

  5. I'm so sorry. Our deepest sympathy to Carma's family and to all who loved her.

  6. Oh noes. I am so sorry to hear abouts your furiend. She really seems like one helluva gal. I hopes her family is doin' okays, and I am sendin' lots of AireZens to them.{{{hugs}}}
    Ruby ♥


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