Tuesday 20 June 2017

Summer Safety with Speedy and the ASPCA + Give away!

With Summer weather finally here ,we were asked to join up with the ASPCA and do a post on Keeping your pets Safe.In the U.S they will soon be having July 4th celebrations plus July 1st is ID Your Pet Day and the ASPCA have this great Great Pet Safety App which will help to you pet safe and help you in an emergency should they go missing.
 Another thing pet owners need to be aware of is the hot temperatures that can affect your pets.With the heat comes many dangers like pets over heating....remember they have fur or feather coats that they can't take off.So keep them cool by keeping them indoors during the hottest times of the day,switch on the Air conditioning or use fans and wrapped frozen bottles of water to use as cool packs for your pets,close your drapes as it helps to keep the suns heat out of the house and most of all keep plenty of fresh water down for them.
Another thing to avoid is hot pavements as these can burn the paws of your pets if its to hot for you to walk barefoot on then its too hot for your pets,when your walk your pets take with you cold fresh water so that they can stay hydrated and most important of all never leave your pet in a car the sun will boil them causing heatstroke....heatstroke KILLS!

And now for the fun bit the ASPCA have lined up an ID Your Pet Gift Pack for one Lucky Winner,all you do is leave a comment below and Me and Mum will video the live drawing of the winner.You have till Tuesday 27th June to leave your comment and then we will do the draw to pick the winner!Good luck Everyone!


  1. SQUAAAAWK! We're removed from the areas that have fireworks but it will be 48C 118F here (again) today.

  2. speedy; dood, what a grate post !!! sad lee, itz gettin neer ta fire werkz time round heer N we feel sorree for all petz and wildlife two.....noe joke; one yeer we saw a coyotez tryin ta find sum place ta hide as he waz runnin frum de noiz.....it waz sad :(

    best fishez two everee one on winnin de prize package ! ♥♥

  3. Very good reminder for all pet owners, Speedy.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  4. All good and thanks Speedy and Co.!

  5. My momma ALWAYS takes water for us - year round.

  6. Thanks so much for this informative post, Speedy!

  7. Oh Speedy, thank you for always being vigilant to help promote awareness. We must ALL be out of harm's way and must be responsible with our pets! YES! I heard how hot it is out there in England for you all; that seems so unusual for it to be so humid! Be well little man. LOVE YOU!

  8. Hello Speedy,
    No barbeques around. And no firework.
    We stay on shady places and we have fresh water.
    Thank you for your post Speedy.

  9. Wise stuff Speedy, thanks for the reminders!

  10. Mee-you Speedy it can bee noisy here an LadyMum iss all ways carefull to make sure mee iss safe when wee walk. Now that mee likes thee backyard it iss better so mee not hear all thee traffick an peepull.
    An LadyMum makess sure to keep thee place kewl an all wayss has water fur mee....mee wood like to enter thee contest!!! Fur LadyMum. Shee luvss thee bag shee won with Nylablue an mee luvss thee blanket, mew mew mew....
    ***nose bumpsss*** to mee buddy Speedy all so...
    Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  11. I'm very safe indoors but we do worry about the local idiots who insist on using fireworks. That looks like an ASPCA frisbee....hopefully a doggy wins and knows how to play with it.

  12. hello speedy its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for helping to keep us pets sayf in the summertime!!! ok bye

  13. Bonjour Speedy et Rachel
    C'est bien de rappeler les gestes élémentaires pour nos petites bêtes.
    Concernant la chaleur, tout comme nous, les animaux ont tendance à vouloir moins manger et moins s'hydrater!!!
    pour Leeloo, j'ai trouvé la parade, je lui donne des fruits frais: les fraises, des pommes , des bananes et framboises du jardin comme ça cela permet qu'il mange et s'hydrate quand même même si ce n'est pas tout à fait la nourriture il mange habituellement.

  14. Very wise information, Speedy. The heat is terrible...I was feeling sick too. Double Pawkiss🌞❤


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